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Your Module Builder is the place where you create the heart and soul of your Enboarder journeys: Engaging, personalized content that will wow your people. 🪄

We’ve spent weeks behind the scenes to completely reimagine your Module Builder, making it more intuitive and powerful than ever before! ✨

Check out the announcement below!

You can now:

  • Get a better sense of where you are in the journey with our new Sequence on Screen functionality

  • Navigate more easily between Modules

  • Add, duplicate and rearrange Widgets on the fly

  • Change Widget settings in seconds

  • Save changes more easily

Ready to become a Module Builder Pro?

We've got just the 20-minute high-level training video for you! You can check that out by clicking this button! You'll be taken into the Community to experience this masterpiece.

(If you haven't registered, it's free! Simply click "Create an account" when you click that link. Note, this is a separate login to your Enboarder username.)

Prefer to read (or watch?) 🎬 📚

Check out this curated list of articles showcasing the all-new Module Builder, with quick 2-3 minute videos and step-by-step instructions.

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen!

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