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Modules: Communication

What is the Communication Module and how do I use it?

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What is a Communication Module?

Research has proven that with great power, comes great responsibility. That's why we have the Communication Module. 🗣

This module allows your Stakeholders to communicate easily with their newbies, and vice versa! Are your Stakeholders strapped for words? No problems! You can even pre-compose the message for them. 💅

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Communication Module video intro

Using the Communication Module you can create a direct dialogue between two participants.

Check out this video to learn all about the Communication module!

Here's How To Set This Up:

From the Workflow Builder in your chosen workflow, click "Add Module" from within the Sequence you'd like to add it in, and then select Communication.


How to build your Communication Module

Step 1: Make sure to give your Module a name to remember!

Step 2: Customize the dedicated Communication Widget
Step 3: Make it fun! Think about adding the Text widget, Image widget, and Divider widget to give it that sparkle! ✨

The dedicated Communication Widget is where you can allow the Enboarder participants to communicate. This is perfect for last-minute questions and quick check-ins to see how the participants are doing. 💯

Want a sneak peek of what you built?
Click the eye preview button on the top right! Edit until you are happy with it and then remember to save it. ✅
Please note: All pre-written SMS messages sent through the Communication module will include a signature at the bottom stating "Here is my number: +xxxx.


You are all done! ✨

Tip: On the timeline, you're able to send a preview via text or email. Just click the three dots on the top right of the sequence, then click 'Send Preview'. To learn more, click on HERE

Want to add links to the Communication module?

Enboarder gives you the option to allow the input of URLs into messages sent through the Communication Module by default, however, if you'd like to disallow this for security purposes, you can!

To manage this feature, head to Settings > Account & Security and uncheck the box to allow URLs!

Support team

Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page!

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