The Video Recording module is a great way to encourage interaction between new hires and managers and bring content to life in a powerful and engaging way. 

Simply record and submit videos from your mobile or desktop. And don’t worry about uploading and downloading. 

Record - review - send!

Examples where we have seen this module be particularly effective is asking new hires to record questions about themselves prior to their start date to share with the team. It could also allow Managers or the CEO to send a personalized video to your new hires. 

Like most things in Enboarder, the possibilities are endless! 

Start by clicking and dragging the Video Recording module from the left of the Workflow Editor, into the desired sequence.

You can then populate the page with a title, some text, a background image, and at the bottom you can add some questions. For example, if we were sending this out to a new hire we would add questions to guide them at the bottom.  

The new hire can then record their answers, and you can pull their video through with a dynamic token in another sequence or module later on! 

Note: The video recording widget is a Power Up and is not included in our base price. Please reach out to your dedicated Relationship Manager or Customer Success Manager to turn on this module. 

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