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What is the Logic Module and how do I use it?

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What is Logic?

Logic is an If statement:

This Module is designed to be an action, where Enboarder will use a specific condition to determine whether or not to show another piece of content. For example, you could have Enboarder display certain policies and benefits to permanent employees, but not display those policies to contractors.

For example, "If Employment Equals Permanent > Then Show Employee the Company Benefits"

This is just a simple example of many possible scenarios.

Here is a quick tutorial video to get you up to speed!

How do I use the Logic Module?

To use Logic, it's important to understand what your outcome will be before you build it.

For example - if you know you want to send a Content Module to a new hire, but only after a stakeholder has completed a sequence - you need to build that Content Module first.

Once that's done, you can apply the condition to that Content Module using Logic.

Begin by clicking the Add Module button to the Sequence where you'd like to apply the Logic, then select Logic.

Then you'll see the Logic Module slide out from the right-hand side, keeping your Sequence open and accessible on the left.

In the screenshot below, you can see the beginning of a "Logic Tree" where currently, the only option is the default branch. The default branch is where you can decide what to display in case no conditions are met.

You could choose to leave the default branch empty, meaning that if no conditions are met, the receiver won’t receive anything and instead would move directly to the next module in that sequence.

Above the default branch, you'll see the Add a Logic Branch button. Click this branch to add your first condition.

You'll then see the New Logic Branch pop up like this where you can select your If condition.

We have set the condition to be if the participant's location is Austin, show them the Day 1 Details Austin Content Module:

Once you save that, it will appear as a new Branch in the Logic.

So as that sequence progresses, the new hire will travel down the grey line on the left, and Enboarder will assess if the location is Austin or not. If it is, the participant will see the Day 1 Details Austin Module. 

If it's anything other than Austin, it will do nothing. You can also click on 'Do Nothing' to assign a different Module or action to be the default if you'd like to!

But what else can I base logic on?

Great question! Logic can be based on a number of things from Custom Fields and Profile fields.

With Profile Fields, we have added a picklist option, so you can define a list of options that employees can pick from using My Dashboard, and then you could base logic on them!

First, create your Picklist Profile Field like below:

And then simply use that within Logic like this!

But wait, there's more!

You can also base the logic on whether you received a value or not against an employee.

What does this mean? Imagine you are launching your new hires into Enboarder, and some of those new hires get a car allowance, but others don't. You can now set logic like this:

If Car Allowance ∃ (is present) Then show the car allowance page.


If Car Allowance Ø (not present) Then show a page about travel allowance.

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen!

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