Okay, let's get down to business.

My Dashboard offers the capability of having one consolidated point of information for your employees and stakeholders to return to at any point in time. It houses the progress of their individual journey, and in the case of a manager, their team’s journeys'!

So how do participants access My Dashboard? 

Within any content a participant has received, they will be able to see a profile icon in the top left-hand corner. (Note, you will not see the icon in preview mode, and it needs to be switched on in Settings. Keep reading to find out how!)

When they tap on the profile icon, they will see:

When your stakeholders and employees initially tap the profile icon, a 4-digit OTP will be emailed or texted to them to confirm they are the intended recipient. From here, they will be prompted to set a password that will be used to access this menu ongoing.

If you have SSO activated on your account, Stakeholders will be able to log in using their SSO credentials rather than creating a password to help keep things simple! (You can see how to set that up here!)

Let’s explore what’s available in My Dashboard

Home - this screen will display for managers their own tasks, workflows they’re participating in, as well as their new hires journeys ‘at a glance’.

My Profile - will allow you to update your profile picture and name.

Tasks To Do - for both managers and employees, this page will display any overdue tasks and they will have the option to click into individual tasks to complete then and there!

My Progress - will display a progress bar for each workflow that you're currently active in. 

My Employees - this tab allows a manager to see their progress, resend overdue tasks and view their new hire contact details (so they can reach out directly!).

Save To Home Screen - this tab allows users to save a bookmark of their journey, to their phones home screen, giving on-demand access to their Enboarder experience! 

Back To Page - This is a simple button that all participants can click to go back to the initial page from which they accessed My Dashboard!

Love it and wondering how to turn it on?!

Step 1: Click Settings > Configuration (once you click settings, it will automatically default to the Configuration page).

Step 2: Turn on the Profile menu for workflows by selecting the tick-box.

You’ll then receive this pop-up giving you the option to customize the view for your employees and managers. 

Step 3: Within each of the toggle options, you’ll see there is additional customization available for example: 

  1. Under 'My Profile', you can turn on or off the show 'About' tab. If you elect to turn this on, you'll have the ability to create profile fields for the participants to fill out (i.e. start date, favorite hobby, role, coffee order, etc. Sky's the limit!) - tying it all together and making the experience that much more personal. 

  2. Under 'My progress', you’ll have the option to decide whether you want your managers and employees to see their tasks to date (completed or overdue tasks), or additionally include the option for them to see tasks to come! 

  3. Under 'My employees', you can turn on or off the option to resend or forward sequences that have yet to be completed. 

  4. You also have the option to show the module breakdown within a sequence. What this means is that an employee or manager could see specifically what module is outstanding or preventing that sequence from being completed. 

So there you go! My Dashboard. It's wonderful and it's simple. 

If you have any questions, please start a chat with us on the top right-hand side of Enboarder by clicking the "?" button.

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