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Find out the most asked Enboarder questions - and their answers!

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Want to know what our most asked questions are? Check them out below!

I can’t find a new hire in the Workflow tile on the dashboard. Where’d they go?!?

Good news is they’re not lost! The Workflow tile on your dashboard provides a detailed view of all in-progress workflows split into three levels; Pre-phase, Start-phase, and Post-phase. You can see all your workflows in your workflow report, including completed, canceled, and deleted.

How do you cancel a workflow?

Easy peasy! Check out this article from our Help Center. It’ll walk you through how to cancel/delete participants from workflows manually.

How do you change a start date/department/etc.

Don’t sweat it for a second. Check out this article you can find in our Help Center to amend the start date but other details as well! Give it a whirl and let us know it goes.

How do I set up automatic reminders?

Setting up participant reminders takes the load off of you! You can set this up unders settings or for specific workflows. Check out this article from our Help Center. Let us know how you go!

Where can I see who has or hasn't completed which steps?

Great question! There’s a couple of ways to do this. Ultimately, which route doesn’t matter as long as it’s helpful to you. If you want to see across the board overdue tasks, Employee and Manager Alerts will be your best friend. Check out this article from our Help Center to set up and navigate.

If you want to see what an individual has completed or which items are overdue, you’ll want to give the Workflow Report a review. Check out this article from our Help Center to help you navigate.

How do I add a new stakeholder to the workflow?

You’ll want to add the new stakeholder to the settings and the appropriate workflow. Check out this article from our Help Center to walk you through how to make this happen.

What happens if someone starts sooner than the first message we have scheduled, say 28 days before the start date?

Things change, no biggie! Your workflow is made up of sequences that are scheduled to trigger on specific days or have been linked to the completion of another sequence. All of this is dependent on an employee's start date. Whether the date is pushed out or up, Enboarder will recalibrate the message send days once the new start date is updated.

If the start date is pushed up, the participants won’t receive duplicate messages. Enboarder will simply recalibrate the messages they’ve not received to the new start date.

If the start date is pushed back, the same thing goes! No one will receive duplicate messages. The messages they’ve not yet received will simply be rescheduled based on the new start date.

Check out this article found in our Help Center about changing start dates for more information.

How do customers engage new hires in a remote world?

It’s all about maintaining human connection. You can do this by using videos, sending a welcome package, setting up zoom calls with the team and nominating an extra buddy or two!

Check out our articles here and here for more ideas

How do you engage new hires after day 1?

Tons of information has been shared with them from offer letter signature through day one (and presumably) orientation. There’s no better time to reinforce benefits, mission, values, company history, leadership, key takeaways from orientation etc, now that they’re officially onboard. The drip feed theory helps your new hires digest the information in snackable bites. It never hurts to remind new hires about key information over time.

This is also the perfect opportunity to find out if they’re interested in Employee Resource Groups, Diversity and Inclusion Groups, leadership tracks, volunteering, etc.. Once you know, you can deliver personalized and customized content to them based on what they’ve elected to learn more about! Bonus: you’re continuing to bring them into the fold and make your organize THE place for them to grow professionally and personally.

How can I drive better manager engagement?

Great question! As you’re building your experience, we recommend meeting with a group of managers (engaged and non-engaged) to find out what they need or find helpful to onboard their new hires.

This may seem a bit obvious, but don’t forget to communicate Enboarder as the new onboarding tool. Who likes surprises?! We highly encourage formally communicating either via email or webinar why onboarding in general is so important for the new hire and manager experience, but why Enboarder is the tool to solves this. This helps drive home the importance of the managers participation and engagement with their new hire.

As you’re building your experience, it’s also recommended to meet with a group of managers (engaged and non-engaged) to find out what they need or find helpful to onboard their new hires.

Bonus: Since Enboarder isn’t a portal, no logins or training is needed. If your manager can read a text message or email, that’s all they need to know as they’ll be prompted with tasks during their new hire’s onboarding journey.

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