How to manage Dashboard Alerts

Manage overdue sequences in one place!

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So you've got questions about the Alerts tiles on your Dashboard. You've come to the right place!

The Alerts Tiles can be found on the main Dashboard screen by clicking "Dashboard" on the top menu. (Tip: If you can't see the Alerts tile, click here to learn how to add it!)

The displayed alerts are showing you what is currently "overdue" in the system. This doesn't necessarily mean that they haven't opened the sequence, but it does mean they haven't completed all modules.

By checking the boxes on the left-hand side, it will give you the option to manage the selected alerts. Each alert refers to a particular sequence:

Your options are to Resend, Forward, Mark Complete, and Remove Alert:


By clicking Resend, you'll be able to send out that sequence again, and you can even add a personal message to that. We find that some customers who use this function and add a personal message to their Resend can even see an increase in their engagement!


If you know that a manager is on annual leave, or that a new hires Buddy is offsite, you're able to forward a sequence to another stakeholder to complete on behalf of the original recipient. You'll be asked to add a Name and Contact detail, and we recommend adding a message to explain why your new recipient is receiving that content if they aren't expecting it.

Mark Complete

If you know that a sequence has been completed outside of Enboarder, for example, an IT request or Business Card Order and is no longer required to be done through Enboarder, you can now mark the sequence as complete. This will mark the sequence as complete across the system including in reporting data.

Please note, if there is a connected sequence set to trigger when the initial sequence was completed, this will trigger when you mark complete. We recommend checking this before marking sequences as complete

Remove Alert

Finally, if an Alert is overdue by more than a reasonable number of days, or if you're cleaning up your Alerts list, you can Remove your alerts by checking the boxes of those you'd like to clear - and then click "Remove Alert.

Filters and Column Sorting

Filters will allow you to refine the list of alerts by Workflow, Categories, Custom Fields, or Overdue timeframe:

You can also use the arrow to sort the order of the alerts:

If you have questions about your Alerts, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or simply use the chatbot in the top right of Enboarder!

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