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How To Add, Edit, And Remove Dashboard Tiles
How To Add, Edit, And Remove Dashboard Tiles

Learn how to truly customize your Dashboard for the ultimate drive! (Get it? 😎 )

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The Admin Dashboard is highly customizable. Tiles can be easily added, edited, moved, and removed so you can view the data you would most like to see.

Whether you're new to the system or you're a seasoned user, your Dashboard can be customized to see the most valuable insights, at a glance!

Default Tiles

Each new Enboarder instance will have three default tiles added to the dashboard - Workflows, Employee Alerts, and Stakeholder Alerts. Depending on the tile, these can be either edited, duplicated, or removed.

Adding New Tiles

To add a new tile to the dashboard, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click 'Add Tile' in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2: The 'Add Dashboard Tile' pop-up will appear with descriptions of each tile.
Click on the dashboard tile you would like to add.

Step 3: Depending on the Tile you choose, you need to apply some filters, for example in a Form or eNPS tile. Select the filters you would like to apply and click 'Create Tile' to add the tile to the dashboard!

Once the tile appears on the dashboard, you can then click and drag the tile to reposition it and even resize it to truly get your custom look and feel.

Editing Tiles

Step 1: To edit a tile, hover your mouse over the tile and then click the three dots on the top right-hand when they appear.

Note, not all tiles feature edit functionality

Step 2:  Select 'Edit' in the dropdown.

Step 3: Change the filters as desired and click 'Update Tile' to update the tile.

Removing Tiles

Step 1: To remove a tile, click the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the tile.

Step 2:  Select 'Remove' in the dropdown.

Page Filter

So you now have multiple tiles on your dashboard, but you want to update the date range or category across all tiles?

Use the Filter icon in the top right to select your parameters! Once you click Apply, all tiles will reflect your choice of filters. This is a huge time saver when looking at Form Responses and eNPS tiles in particular!

If you have any questions or would like some assistance with customizing the dashboard, please start a chat with us in the top right-hand corner of Enboarder by clicking the? icon at the top right corner.

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