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Learn how to customize your workflow report here!

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Let's talk about the Workflow Report.

The Workflow Report is home to all participants who you've ever launched through a workflow.*

In this article, we'll take you through how to customize the view of your report. If you'd like to know how to manage and cancel active workflows - click here.

Workflow Report Overview

The Workflow Report is ultra-customizable. You can build this report to suit your needs for up to 5 different use-cases using Your Views.

This means you could build one View for onboarding, another View for offboarding, etc! Plus, Views are unique to each admin meaning you won't override other admins' hard work. Phew!

Check out a quick overview here.

Navigating to the Workflow Report

To get to the Workflow Report, simply click Reports in the top menu and it's the first page you'll see.

Resize, Rearrange and Freeze your report columns

You can now easily Resize and Rearrange the order of your report for true customization! You can even Freeze columns to keep them locked to the left side of your report! #GetCustom 😎

To Resize your columns, simply hover your mouse over the column line then click and drag!

To Rearrange the order of your columns, simply click and drag the column headers to your desired location.

To Freeze a column to the left-hand side, simply click Column Options (three dots) on the column header, and then click Freeze. This will lock the column to the left-hand side for easy scrolling!

Don't forget, once you've set these all up - you'll need to save a View. Check out the view above to see how to customize Your Views.

Managing visible data

The workflow report table is home to all workflows, however, by default, it will only show active workflows. If you'd like to see completed, canceled or deleted workflows, on the far left side you'll see Status - click this and select the other workflow status' you'd like to see.

Downloading, Filtering, and managing your Views

Across Enboarder, you'll see our standard filter options in the top right. Not all functions are available on every page, but the standard options look like this:

From left to right, the buttons are Download, Filter, Manage Columns, and Views.

You can download everything on the page as a CSV by simply clicking the download button.

Filtering allows you to drill down on specific selections of the report. You can filter by categories, custom fields, dates, and more! Tip: the little blue dot implies a filter is active - in the workflow report, the workflow status is always active.

You can manage your data to show or hide specific columns by clicking on and filtering through the available options as below.

Your Views

Once you've customized your page, set your filters, and are satisfied with your current column setup - you can save this as a View, so next time you can simply select this view and it will apply all your filters! #Speedy

(Note, views are unique to each page and will not carry across the system)

If you have any questions, feel free to use the chat function in the top right of Enboarder!

*The workflow report will house all participants unless you have turned on the security feature to delete all active workflow data from within security settings.

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