Sequences: An In-depth Overview

Sequences are the building blocks of Enboarder! Get a detailed overview here.

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You've mastered the basics of Sequences and now you're ready to be an expert? 🤩
Great work! Have a read down below to get an in-depth piece into the full potential of Sequences ✨

If you need a refresher, click here to learn about the basics like how to Add a New Sequence!

In this article, we will be covering the following:

Where do I put the Sequence? 🤔

Sequences are the building blocks of Enboarder ✨.

All Sequences happen at a specific time, whether it's 5 days before your new hire begins or 30 days after a mother-to-be returns to work! Sequences can also be dependent on another Sequence being completed or Triggered together

Sequences usually revolve around the key date. It's important to note how the different locations of the Sequence affect its use. Let's have a look at the pictures below:⤵️

Sequences on the left of the key date indicate that it is set to be delivered before the key date of the new hire.

Sequences on the right of the key date indicate that it is set to be delivered after the key date of the new hire.

How to trigger a Sequence

Triggering a Sequence is the process where Enboarder will trigger a particular communication to your intended recipient. This can occur in three different ways as you can see below. ⬇️

At a specific date & time - Enter the number of days before or after the key date, or drag the slider to suit your key date needs, and also pick a specific time that Sequence will trigger!

With another Sequence - Chain a Sequence together to deliver both Sequences at the same time!

After another Sequence is complete - Trigger the Sequence only when your chosen Sequence has been completed. ✅

Send multiple Sequences in a day - You can send multiple Sequences per day to each participant in your Enboarder journeys, allowing you to personalize your communication and engage participants at any time on the same day! 🌟

How Sequences progress and prompt uncompleted tasks

Start the Sequence where I left off

Don't have time to complete the entire Sequence? 🤔 This feature will allow you to return where you left off if you haven't completed the entire Sequence. If you need to return to the previous module, simply scroll all the way down and click on the "Back Button".

Progress Bar

The progress bar helps users know what stage they are at in the Sequence. The progress bar can be seen on top of the "Back" and "Next" buttons located at the bottom of the page.

Prompt for uncompleted tasks

Need a hand to keep up with tasks? This feature will remind you to complete tasks once you finish off your current task.

Once a participant completes their current task they will now see a prompt to action incomplete tasks.


The settings option of Sequences empowers you to customize how communications are sent out to the recipients! You can personalize Sequences from an admin to recipient perspective. ✨

How to access the Sequence settings

Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the Sequence and click Edit.

From here click Settings. Check out the gif below to see how this works ⬇️

Send Sequence using:

Want your new hires to receive the Health & Safety guidelines via Email so they’ve always got it on file but you’d like to give the Welcome video a personal touch by sending it via SMS?

When designing your Enboarder Sequences, you can now determine which channel a notification should be sent through. Email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook Workplace - the choice is yours!

Check out the gif below to see how you can manually select the contact channel. ✨

  • Mobile - The Sequence will be sent via the participant's mobile number.

  • Email - The Sequence will be sent via the email address of the participant.

  • Preferred Channel - The Sequence will be sent using the preferred channel of the participant.

  • Collaboration overview - If you have integrated with a collaboration channel such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, or Workplace then these will show up as options as well. Keep in mind that these applications must be integrated with Enboarder before they show up as options under the Send sequence using drop-down.

    Check out the below articles for instructions on how you can set up integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook Workplace:

Sequence Security

Want to make sure that only the intended recipient can access the Sequence? Have a look at your security options below. ⬇️

  • Basic Protection - The Sequence will be accessible through the participant's chosen channel without requiring signing in or a password. (This is the default for all Sequences)

  • Password Security - Enabling this feature will send the participant a password that they must use in order to view the Sequence.

  • SSO Security - You will need to sign in using your SSO security system in order to access the Sequence.

Bulk Process

Using the bulk functionality is a great way to manage how notifications are sent out to Stakeholders. Find out how this can help you below. ⬇️

  • Daily - This option will hold off Sequences to see if any other participants are launched and need to be grouped and triggered together. These will be sent together within 24 hours. This is the default option in Enboarder when you activate Bulk uploads.

  • Now - The 'Now' option will send out the Sequence immediately and will not wait to group other participants.

Mark Sequence Overdue After

When participants receive notifications via text/email but it's not opened or completed, that Sequence will be marked overdue. A Sequence is marked as overdue after a set amount of time, which can be changed in either the Account settings, the Workflow settings, or on the Sequence settings. This is to give you full control over what needs to escalate! ✅

Note: Sequences can be marked as Overdue from a range of 1 to 10 days.

What happens after a Sequence is marked as overdue?

An escalation email will be sent out to the defined email address in the Account Settings. Make sure to change this from to your own email address to receive the escalation notifications.

Don't want to receive overdue notifications?

Simply ✅ the 'Suppress all admin escalation emails and alerts if overdue' option and click 'Save' once satisfied.

Only Trigger This Sequence If A Condition Is Met

You can think of this option as a Sequence logic.

Select Criteria: Categories, Key Date, Sequence, Custom Fields, Forms

= or ≠

Select: the Name Of The Document, Number of Days, or Name of the Question

Once you set a condition, the Sequence will only be sent out if the condition has been met.

Check out the example below on how you can use this:

To Apply Key Date Based Logic

To apply this to a Sequence - just click the three dots on the top right, then click Edit.

Then click on the Sequence Settings, scroll down and check the box for "Only trigger this Sequence if a condition is met"

Then decide on what time frames you'd like to apply to this Sequence to determine if Enboarder will send it, or skip it!

For example:

"Only trigger this sequence if the Key Date is Bigger Than 30 days away"

Send Daily Reminders

  • No - Selecting this option will not allow daily reminders to be sent out.

  • Until Sequence Is Marked Overdue - A daily reminder will be sent only if a Sequence is marked as overdue

  • After Sequence Is Marked Overdue (max 3) - A reminder will be sent out a maximum of three times after a Sequence is marked as overdue.

Check out the article below to learn more about Reminders and Escalations!

Got questions? 🧐 Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page!

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