When creating a Workflow, Sequences will be your very first starting point toward delivering a WOW experience! Sequences contain bite-sized pieces of content to help your stakeholders, newbies, and more, have the experience of a lifetime.

There are two easy ways to add Sequences in the Workflow Builder. Add it straight from the timeline by clicking the + icon wherever you’d like to place it, or you can keep it old school with drag and drop! ✨

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What is a Sequence?

Sequences contain Modules that allow you to easily display the content you want to share with your stakeholders and participants.

Sequences can be:

  • Standalone in the Workflow Builder 👤 ✨

  • Triggered together 👥 ✨

  • Dependent on another Sequence 🫂 ✨

All Sequences start with a notification (via SMS, email, or other collaboration channels) and end with a finished page. We recommend that you customize this to best suit your needs. 💁🏻‍♀️

To Add A New Sequence 🔧

Our Workflow Builder lets you create new Sequences on the fly, making content creation a breeze. ✈️

There are two simple ways to add a new Sequence! ✨

The first way is to hover your mouse in the area you want to add it and simply click the icon! (remember we said it easy? 😉 )

Alternatively, love the traditional drag & drop?

Feel free to keep it old school! 😉 💃🏻

Boom!💥 You're almost done 🤗

Setting up a Sequence

We know how to add a sequence to the timeline, but how do I ensure it triggers at the right time, to the right person!?

Easy! Once you've added a new Sequence, you'll see a setup screen.

Step 1: Name the Sequence (this may be seen by stakeholders in 'My Dashboard')

Step 2: Choose the stakeholder you want to send it to

Step 3: Decide when to trigger it, and if it goes standalone, with/after another Sequence, ✌🏼
Step 4: Then finally, click Create Sequence! ✨ 🥳

Once you save the Sequence it will become a part of My Assets, ready to be accessed in any workflow! 📚 📈

Want to learn about the Modules that populate your Sequences? Click here!

Got questions? 🧐

Hit the chat button to start speaking with the team at the top right of any Enboarder page!

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