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Get a head start using existing content from your account!
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My Assets help you locate and use previously built content much faster.
You're now able to see and access every Module and easily view where duplicates are being used throughout your account!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can now also drag in any Sequence from any workflow you’ve ever created!

Now that's magic! ✨

Navigating to the My Assets section is a breeze using the intuitive Navigation Menu on the left of the Workflow Builder below!

In My Assets, you'll be able to navigate and access all your existing content throughout your account! From each and every Module to completed Sequences!

Navigating My Assets - Sequences

Ever wanted to bring across an existing completed Sequence you've already built in another Workflow? Now you can! It's never been easier to give yourself a head start!

Step 1: Click My Assets, and then select Sequences

Step 2: Select the Workflow you'd like to copy the Sequence from, and choose Active or Inactive Sequences.

Step 3: Once you've located the Sequence, click and drag it to the Workflow Builder, and all that's left is to tell Enboarder when and who to send it to!

Navigating My Assets - Inactive Modules

It's never been easier to locate and start using previously designed Modules. Let's say you're searching for an Inactive Module (previously called Unused Modules).

Step 1: Click My Assets, and then select Modules

Step 2: Click Inactive Modules, and that's it! You can see on the right of the panel all Inactive Modules. From there, click and drag your module into your workflow, and boom! That's it.

Navigating My Assets - Active Modules

Are you looking for Active Modules from another Workflow? Simple!

Step 1: Click My Assets, and then select Modules

Step 2: Click Active Modules, and then select the Workflow name and filter by the Workflow you'd like to copy Modules from

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen.

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