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Send Enboarder notifications via Teams!

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Now you can communicate with your employees via Teams!

This article provides details on how Enboarder will interact with Microsoft Teams to send your Notifications to a channel and proactive messages to users, including the endpoints and configuration required.

We are using the Microsoft Bot framework Rest API to send messages.

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Before you begin!

Like anything worth doing, integrations take time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this integration to be completed, this includes time for scoping, development and testing. You’ll also need to have a system expert and/or system administrator to assist in the completion of this integration.

Here's what it looks like:

Please note: when you integrate, there's no need to do this in a test environment, as it won't start sending teams chats to anyone who hasn't opted-in for them (it would continue to send to their current channel preference)

To find out how to give participants the choice of getting Teams communications, click HERE.


  • The organization must have an admin account in Microsoft Teams and all Azure AD users must have permission to your Teams General channel

  • The admin user must install the Enboarder APP in Microsoft Teams

  • To configure the tile, the user needs to follow the below steps to get TenantID, Bot ID, and secret key

  • The integration uses the Microsoft Graph API, requiring the below permissions:

    • ChannelMember.Read.All

    • ChatMember.Read

    • User.Read

Get Tenant ID

Before configuring the tile, please follow the below steps and note down the below information:

  • TenantID

  • ChannelID

Login to your account and click on the 'Teams' tab. Right-click on the channel where you want to send the message. Click on Get link to General channel

Click, to copy and paste into notepad

It will look something like this

Please note down these values for future reference

Setting up the Microsoft Tile in Enboarder

Here are the steps for Integration:

  • Log in as an Admin and go to Settings → Apps & Integration

  • Click on the tile Microsoft Teams or search for it

  • Click on the Add Integration button.

  • On the next screen, enter the tenant id (which you noted in the previous step), and the Email Domain (which is shown in the Contact information section within a Teams profile, as shown below) and click on Integrate Now.

  • When successful authentication has been reached, the user will be redirected to the Enboarder site and the "Microsoft Teams" tile will be shown as Pending.

Install Enboarder App and add the bot to teams

Click on the Apps icon on the bottom left pane. Then either search the App by typing enb or enboarder. Alternatively, you can click into the 'Human resources' category and browse for the Enboarder App.

Now click on the Connect (Enboarder) App. You will see the detail page. On the detail page click on the “Add to a team” option from the dropdown menu.

Search for the General channel and add it to the team.

Select Set up, then Set up a bot

The system will show the below screen and message. Please click on OK.

Now head into the General Channel, and under the post tab, please click on Start a post. The system will show the bot name in the post.

Please type hi after bot name and click on Post

Note - In case you have multiple Accounts in Enboarder and you want to Integrate all or some specific accounts. You can do that by sending the Account Name in the message.

Ex- Say you have three accounts in Enboarder with Names Acct-1, Acct-2, and Acct-3. And you want to Integrate with Acct-1 and Acct-2. Then send the message with the Account like below

Similarly for the Next Account

Now Please go to Enboarder Application → Settings → Integration. You will see the tile as Integrated into the respective account.

Now you can send a notification to MSTeam from Enboarder. On new hire notification, the message will look like the below:

Note - The email ID of the employee in Enboarder to which you want to send notifications should be the user ID of MS Teams.

Send a message to a channel using a webhook

Basic information required to send a message

Before sending a message using API, please log in to your Microsoft account and note down the below information.

  • ChannelID

Login to your account and go to the Teams tab. Right-click on the channel where you want to send the message. Click on Get Link to channel

Click to copy/paste into notepad

It will look something like this

Send a message to channel API

Sending messages to a channel

URL - https://botserver/sendmessages

Sample Payload 1:

{   "channelid": 

"19%3A2a53a6b4bec04ff89ee9a12a46577dc6%40thread.tacv2" "message":

"Hi Team, {{newhire_firstname}} joining our team on

{{newhire_startdt}}" }

Once successful you will get the below response


"id": "1590470249921"


Webhook setting

While configuring the webhook, please select authentication as Microsoft Team and remove any additional header/key row.


  • Get member detail:


Got questions? Click the '?' button at the top right of any Enboarder page to get in touch with the support team.

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