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My Dashboard - Your people’s one-stop shop!
My Dashboard - Your people’s one-stop shop!
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Your people’s one-stop shop!

My Dashboard is your people's one-stop shop to manage their Enboarder activities. This feature offers the capability of having one consolidated point of information for your employees and stakeholders to return to at any point in time. It houses the progress of their Journey, and in the case of a manager, their team’s journeys!

How to use your Dashboard - Introduction video

So how do participants access My Dashboard?

There are three access points to My Dashboard!

1. Notification link

The link can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Open now’ button in an email or clicking the link provided when the notification is sent via SMS.

Once they open the notification, a profile icon at the top left corner will appear. Click on this icon to set up My Dashboard! ✔

When participants initially tap the profile icon, a 4-digit one-time PIN will be emailed or sent via SMS to confirm they are the intended recipient. From here, they will be prompted to set a password that will be used to access My Dashboard.

2. Centralized Login

Centralized Login is a unique URL for each account that your people can bookmark on their devices to access Enboarder whenever and wherever they like.

For more information, check out our Centralized Login article below! ⬇

3. SSO

If you have SSO activated on your account, Stakeholders will be able to log in using their SSO credentials rather than creating a password to help keep things simple!

Click on the button below to check out our SSO help article!

What can My Dashboard do for your people?

Your employees can…

👁️ View, manage, and filter your Enboarder activities by journey and completion status.

📝 Manage and complete their tasks on the fly.

👥 Gain a holistic view of your team's progress, filter activities by team member and journey or forward and resend tasks (Selected stakeholders only)


The activities tab will show all Enboarder tasks and notifications on the fly. You can click on the activity to action it! 🌟

The activities can be filtered based on their current status and Journey. This is designed to help your people keep track of their activities. ✔

Filter the activities by status

Overdue: Overdue activities are Sequences that have not been completed by the recipient. For more information, click HERE.

In-Progress: This status refers to Sequences that are currently being actioned by the recipient.

Upcoming: Upcoming activities are Sequences that will be sent to the recipient in the future.

Completed: All completed Sequences will appear via this filter.

Filter the activities by Journey!

If employees want to take it further they can filter the activities per Journey along with the activity status!

Check how your team is doing ✔

The team member and team activities page is designed to help leaders manage their team's journeys and ensure that they are on the right track!

Team members

This page will give stakeholders a high-level overview of each team member’s progress within their Enboarder journeys.

Team activities

The Team Activities view will enable your stakeholders to track and manage their team’s Journeys!

This view can also be filtered by activities status, team member, and Journey. ✅

Re-send or Forward the Sequence to another team member

My Dashboard Settings!

How to get there:

  1. Click Settings > General Setup > Configuration


Tasks to do: This will highlight what available Sequences are outstanding for your participants.

My Profile/About Tab: You can turn on or off the show 'About' tab. If you elect to turn this on, you'll have the ability to create profile fields for the participants to fill out (i.e. start date, favorite hobby, role, coffee order, etc. Sky's the limit!) - tying it all together and making the experience that much more personal. (Click Profile Fields along the top Settings tabs)

My Progress: You’ll have the option to decide whether you want your managers and employees to see their tasks to date (completed or overdue tasks), or additionally include the option for them to see tasks to come!

My Employees: You can turn on or off the option to resend or forward sequences that have yet to be completed.

Show Module Breakdown In Sequences: An employee or stakeholder could see specifically what module is outstanding or preventing that sequence from being completed.

Allow Resend/Forward: This gives your stakeholders the ability to resend or forward employee sequences on your behalf. This only works for employees who report directly to that stakeholder.

Enabling The Team View For Stakeholders:

The Team Activities view will enable your stakeholders to track and manage their team’s Journeys. The Direct Manager will be automatically enabled however you may like to customize who else in your business would like to have visibility into employees that they're associated with.

Examples of where stakeholders can have more visibility without being an Enboarder Admin:

  • Direct Manager - Check the status of an employee's task and resend tasks to ensure completion. Haven't received the 'A Bit About You' form? Send them a nudge!

  • Talent Acquisition - Allow Talent Acquisition to see whether or not new hires are engaging with their onboarding tasks prior to their start date - avoid a first day no show.

  • Office Manager - Double check start dates for new joiners in case dates have shifted.

How to get there:

  1. Click Settings > General Setup > Stakeholders

  2. Select the stakeholder that you'd like to enable

  3. Check the 'Allow the stakeholder to access employee workflow details

In-Workflow Instructions for participants on how to use My Dashboard in their Journeys!

Feel free to use the content below as a template in your Workflows ✔

Instructions for employees

Through your Journey, you can access your personalized dashboard by tapping the menu ☰ profile picture on the top left to jump back in at any time. You can also upload a photo of yourself to be used along your journey.

When using your dashboard for the first time you'll be prompted to send yourself a pin code that provides extra security to protect your personal information.

Instructions for Stakeholders

During the Journey of the employee, you'll have access to a personalized manager dashboard by tapping on the profile pic on the top left of your screen. My Dashboard will allow you to access the content you've received, action your tasks, and view your employee's progress.

You can also View and Resend tasks to the Employee.

Lastly, you can click Save To Home Screen from the Menu to add a bookmark to your device desktop or use your organization's centralized login page.

Video tour!

My Dashboard includes a video tour to help you get started!

Enboarder Support!

Got questions? Feel free to reach out to the Enboarder support team!

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