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Centralized Login - My Dashboard

Learn how your people can access their content on-demand, anytime, anywhere!

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Empowering your people to complete and track tasks you send to them has never been easier!

Now there is a centralized place for your people to access their Enboarder content on-demand, at any time. Introducing Centralized Login.

It's pretty, right? 🥳

Okay, let's chat details.

What is it?

Centralized Login is a unique URL for each account that your people can bookmark on their devices to access Enboarder whenever and wherever they like.

What credentials do they need to log in?

If they have accessed My Dashboard before, they can use the same password and their existing mobile/email. If not, they will need to use the profile icon at the top of any received content first, and then they can log in at any time using Centralized Login.

We also have SSO and... Login with Google! ⬅️ Click for our article.

Logging in with Google will first ask them to verify their identity and then each time they want to access it next time, they can use their Google account to jump right in.

Note: This will NOT update their Enboarder contact preferences to a new email etc, it's simply to allow them access.

Do they still get notified of new content?

You bet! Nothing about accessing Enboarder content is changing for your people - they will still receive SMS/Email/Slack/Teams etc whenever new content is sent. We're just helping them

How do I get the new Centralized URL to them?

At launch, you can find your account's URL within Settings > General Setup > My Dashboard so you and your team can share it! (You could even pop it within a Sequence as this link won't change, and is the same for everyone.)

Coming later, we'll have a pop-up when the team is viewing content to prompt them to bookmark the link!

Can I customize the Centralized Login homepage?

You bet! In Settings > General Setup > Configuration, you'll see a space to customize the sign-in page. You can pick a background image, and it will also use your company's Default Brand for the colors, logos, and buttons.

What happens if there are duplicate profiles for someone?

Would you believe we've thought of everything? 😎

In the case that someone has duplicate profiles (which could happen if you launch them with different contact details and names, but is unlikely) we let them know we have found a few different profiles that could be them, and then show then the last time they used that profile to make it easy for them to know which profile is likely the right one!

You'll also receive a handy dandy notification whenever this occurs to prompt you to merge their Profiles in Reports! The email looks like this:

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page!

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