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Think of Configuration as global settings for your account. If you have multiple brands or regions using the same account, it's a good idea to check with the other users before changing these settings. If you'd like to customize specific details, you can do this at a Workflow level too!

Getting there:

Step 1: Click the Settings cog icon in the top right of any Enboarder screen

Step 2: Click on General setup and you should land on the Configuration page!

An overview of the Configuration tab:

Date & Time:

Date format: This controls the format for date layout across your account. This will not affect CSV uploads, which must always be uploaded in a YYYY-MM-DD format.

Default time zone: This is the standard time zone for your account. Meaning if you don't customize office locations in the Locations tab, all workflows will be sent in this local time zone.

Manage Workflow Actions

Notification Send Time: This can be set here and will automate the default time of day when Enboarder communications are sent to participants. (You can also customize on a workflow level too!). Keep in mind this only sets across any new Workflows you create and by default is 8 am for all existing Workflows.

Notification Send Days: This can be set here and will automate the days of the week that Enboarder communications are sent to participants. If you don't have weekends turned on, and a Sequence is supposed to send on a Saturday, it will push to the next available weekday.

Do Not Disturb Dates: This allows you to select custom dates that you don't want to send notifications to participants, regardless of the send day settings (as above). This feature is great for public holidays or national holidays. Notifications due to send on these dates will send on the next available day.

The date format must match the following date format: YYYY-MM-DD. You can set up to 15 dates by using a comma to separate them:

Note: we don't advise blocking out all 15 days in a row, as when the next available day comes - the system will start sending everything (so stakeholders may get multiple communications).

Length Of Key Phase: This can be set here. This is the period starting from the new hire's first day throughout their most intensive onboarding and induction period. For most organizations this will be the first 90 days, or until probation has ended. Click here to find out more information about the key phase and other phases.

Mark Sequence Overdue If Not Complete After: Here you will set a default time frame (1-10 days) for sequences to be completed by a manager or new hire. (You can also customize on a workflow and sequence level too!) Learn more about overdue sequences here. Keep in mind this only sets across any new workflows you create.

Option 1: Until Sequence is marked overdue - For each day that something goes un-actioned the recipient will receive a notification reminder. This will be sent out each day at the 'notification send time' that you set, and will continue for the number of days that you determine. These are both set by administrators in the account settings in the configuration tab.

Option 2: After Sequence is marked overdue - This option works in the reverse, once the sequence becomes overdue, Enboarder will send a reminder each day for up to 3 days. 

Default Escalation Email: Make sure to customize this to your email or one of your organization's inboxes to receive any unsubscribes and updates as this is listed at the bottom of any emails and sequences you send! 

Profile Menu For Workflows

Profile Menu Settings: You can turn off the option to give employees access to their outstanding and future tasks from here, as well as turn off or on the managers 'MyEmployees' tab - which allows managers to view their new hires progress! (But really, why would you turn it off?). Learn more about Profiles here.

Custom Configuration

If you don't see all these available, and you want to use them, please let your Customer Success Manager know!

Custom Labels: If you call your employees and/or managers something specific to your organization or industry, these can be reflected within Enboarder by uploading here. Click here to find out exactly how to do so!

Default Messages: Every message starts with a Notification and ends with a Finish page. If you want to make edits to apply to all Notifications and Finish pages across all works flows, you can do so here!

Custom Fonts: Check out this article for more details on Custom Fonts

Make sure you click "Save" once you've set up your configuration to your liking!

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page!

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