How To Manage Your Workflows

Learn how to add a new workflow, and edit the settings of existing workflows here!

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Workflows are the pinnacle of the Enboarder Experience. Think of a workflow as the editor for your participants' journeys. The brains! (Well, you're the brains and we love that about you! But you know what we mean.)

You're not limited to the number of journeys you build, but depending on your subscription, you may be limited to the amount you can launch. Looking for the ability to launch as many workflows as you want? Reach out to your Relationship Manager for more info on this!

To view the Workflow manager:

Simply click the Workflows tab in the top menu bar. You'll be instantly taken to your Workflow Manager, where you can view, edit, search, and manage all your experiences.

To create a new Workflow (Enter the Wizard):

Let's create magic.

Step 1: To build a new workflow, simply click the + Add New icon on the left of the screen and then... enter the Wizard! 🧙‍♀️

Step 2: Meet the Workflow Wizard! You'll be guided through all the steps to setting up your workflow here.

Enter a name for your workflow, choose your logic (if you're not integrated, you could just use Brand = Your Brand), set your custom fields, stakeholders, and workflow settings. And just like that, it's created!

Once you have created the workflow you will see it populate at the top of the list of active workflows. This order is important, when you enter new hires in through the Launch Workflow button they will be allocated to the workflow that first matches the categories you select as they flow down the list. The order reads from top to bottom, so it's important to place the workflows in the correct order - especially when more than one piece of logic is relevant to a new hire. (Keep this in mind when you are integrating!)

To show/hide your Workflow Logic:

Simply click the magic eye above your active workflow list to condense your journeys into a simplified, minimal list!

To Edit, Duplicate, Make Inactive, and Make Default:

(For in-depth information on this, click here.)

By clicking the three dots as you hover your mouse over the workflow name, you'll access the options list for that workflow.

Edit: When you click Edit, you'll be able to edit the setting for that particular workflow. This opens the Workflow Wizard where you can update logic, custom fields, stakeholders, and overall settings.

Duplicate Workflow: This will make an identical duplication of the Workflow, an example would be where you're building a rapid quick-start workflow but want to base it on your existing onboarding workflow.

Make Inactive: This will move the Workflow into My Assets, but you can easily click and drag the workflow out of the list if you'd like to set it as Active! (Making a workflow with active participants inactive will not stop their journeys, it simply moves the workflow to the side).

Make Default: At the base of the screen, you have your Default workflow. This is the standard workflow participants would launch into if you don't assign any workflow logic. You can switch this out at any time by clicking the three dots on the workflow you wish to make the default. There must always be a default workflow.

If you have questions about this, start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen.

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