In Enboarder, you have the flexibility of making your workflows Active or Inactive as you need to. You can also duplicate and delete your workflows with ease! Lets take a look.

On the Workflows Tab, Active workflows live in the middle of the screen and Inactive workflows will be on the left side of the screen in your workflow library.

To make a workflow Inactive:

Hover your mouse over the workflow you wish to remove from the center of the screen, click the three dots, and then simply click Make Inactive. This will not delete the workflow, it will just archive it to the left.

Looking for an easier way to do this? We got 'chu. Click and drag the workflow from the center to the left! Simples!

Want to make an Inactive workflow Active again? You guessed it! Simply click and drag it from the left to the middle of the screen!

When it is dropped back in it will automatically rejoin the list at the top - you may want to reorder the workflows to ensure the Workflow Logic order if suitable especially if you're launching from an integration. Check with your Customer Success team if you have questions about this.

To delete a workflow

If you want to delete a workflow from the system altogether you can do this from the Inactive workflow area.

Click the three dots, and then click delete. This cannot be undone.

You can delete any workflow except for the 'default workflow' which will be the one at the bottom of the list of active workflows. This is because you need at least one workflow in the list!

Duplicating a workflow

If you want to duplicate a workflow, which will create an exact replica of all of the content and settings in that workflow:

You can duplicate any workflow, be it active or inactive. Click the three dots on the workflow name, and then click Duplicate Workflow. Easy!

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen.

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