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Quick Overview Of Settings Within Enboarder

Read all about every Settings tab!

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What are Settings in Enboarder, and how do I use them?

When clicking the Settings cog in the top right of Enboarder, you will see a number of menu options available across the top of the page.

Each of these tabs allows you to change/update different settings. We have broken each tab into its own page below for a deep dive into that specific tab.

Please note, Enboarder has multiple Admin roles each with its own permissions, meaning that some Admin roles will not allow access to change settings. You can speak to the main Enboarder user at your company if you need to update your access.

Settings Tabs Breakdown

Click on each heading below for a deep dive into each menu tab!

General Setup

Configuration: This tab allows you to edit the overall account setup, including date and time formats, Do Not Disturb dates, Default Escalation Email, and more!

Branding: This tab controls the different brands, logos, and colors that you can use for participants to see and receive.

Locations: Create and bulk upload different Locations to ensure time zones are correct, as well as use these for potential logic within your Workflows!

Categories: Create fixed Category options to guide which Workflows participants will be launched into and different content they can be presented with.

Custom Fields: Similar to Categories, giving you the ability to create different content paths or pre-populate information in Enboarder but in a unique format (rather than fixed options).

Profile Fields: Create bespoke Profile fields that stick with the participants no matter which workflow you're launching them into throughout their lifecycle in your business

Stakeholder List: Add multiple Stakeholder types for those you wish to be part of your Workflows in a fixed or variable capacity.

Account & Security

Admins: You are able to add new Admins to your account. An Admin is anyone accessing Enboarder from a backend point of view.

Security & Privacy: This tab is where you can set your account data and privacy settings, control Stakeholder access to data, and more.

Apps & Integrations

Integrations: Here you can set up integrations between your HRIS and ATS systems and more! You'll also find your account API keys, etc here.

CSV Upload: Easily bulk uploads new hires into Enboarder, you can also set up and manage the automated CSV Upload from here as well!

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen.

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