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Your Account Settings: Integration Logs
Your Account Settings: Integration Logs

Want to understand how to view, read, and download Integration Logs? Check it out here!

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Are you looking to understand how Integration Logs work and how to understand them? Let's check it out.

Integration Logs show you the payloads between Enboarder and your third-party system (like Lever, SnapHire, Workday, etc). These could include new hire data being sent to/pulled from Enboarder, and webhook data being received or sent to/from Enboarder.

How do Integration Logs work?

In the image below, you can see two lines per payload received. Where it's necessary, Enboarder will create a second line with an easy-to-ready payload or 'Simplified Payload'. This will make it easier for you to read and understand.

Note that not all payloads will have two lines.

You'll be able to see some simple search functionality within the Filter icon on the right side of the page, you can find a specific employee or filter by dates (up to 90 days ago). Scroll up to 400 lines of payloads or download them into a CSV using the Download button below. Using our Download function, you'll get the last 5000* records in a single click.

Getting here is easy! First, ensure that you're a Super Admin (as payloads can contain sensitive data if you're sending it to us from another system).

Then, click Settings > Apps & Integrations > Integration Logs

My employee launched into the wrong workflow

As an example, let's say your ATS Livehire is used for Onboarding. When Enboarder receives data from Livehire, it will process a specific Payload, and based on what's within the payload, Enboarder will take an action.

These actions include either launching a Workflow or not launching and Workflow. (In some cases, it may also include Updating data in a workflow if you're using Workday or similar).

If your employee launched into the incorrect Workflow or didn't launch at all - it's probably because we didn't get the right information.

Let's say you wanted to launch them into the Leadership Coaching workflow below, but you see that they actually launched into your default workflow. This is because the payload we received, was missing one or more of the Workflow Logic.

Compare the Workflow Logic to the payload, and you may find one of the Logic connections was incorrect.

In the payload example below, you can see the fields Division and Employment Type do match the Leadership Coaching Workflow above, however, the Location is incorrect.

"hiremob": "+61401443444",

"hirenm": "Jason Anderson",

"hireeml": "",

"customfields": {

"Location": "Sydney"

"Division": "Customer Success"

"Employment Type": "Permanent"

Because the location is incorrect, Jason bypassed the Leadership Coaching Workflow and dropped into the default Workflow.

In most cases, Enboarder won't attempt to launch a workflow if we receive the same employee from your other systems more than once to prevent accidental multiple launches. In this case, you can manually launch your candidates.

What do the alerts mean?

We have several different error/alert messages that may show up in the Integration Logs every now and then.

Click the payload that you're seeing the error on for the full description and of course if you need more information don't hesitate to reach out!

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen!

*If there are less than 5000 total records, you'll get all of your logs. If you have more than 5000 records, you'll receive the latest records in CSV format up to 5000 lines.

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