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How Do I Create and Edit Workflow Logic (Criteria)?
How Do I Create and Edit Workflow Logic (Criteria)?

Learn how to create and edit Workflow Logic (previously known as criteria) here!

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Create Logic for your Workflows!

Workflow Logic forms the basis of workflow rules which determine how participants filter into each workflow. This is especially important if you have an integration with your ATS, HRIS, and more.

Workflow Logic could include things like:

  • Employment type = Permanent OR Part-time OR Casual 

  • Different countries or locations 

  • Different brands within your company or group 

  • Department, Function - IT, Marketing, Sales, Admin

Think of it like this, if Employee James Smith is hired as a Part-Time employee, and you have a workflow for Permanent Staff and another for Part-timers, you need James to go into the right workflow!

Before you add Logic criteria to your workflow, you'll need to create them! You can create as many as you'd like in the Categories section of Settings.

Categories pull double-duty, in that you can use them for both Workflow Logic and logic within your workflows.

How do you create Workflow Logic?

In the below example, you can see that we have two onboarding workflows, one for London and one for Sydney. The Workflow Logic would determine which workflows your candidates go into. 

You can also have multiple criteria on one workflow!

To create a new category that you can use as Workflow Logic, click the Settings cog in the top right, and then click Categories.

Then, click "Add New" at the bottom of that page. Remember, categories are a fixed list of options, so you wouldn't create "Employee ID" but you could create "Employment Type".

How to add Workflow Logic to your experiences

To assign your Workflow Logic, simply hover your mouse over the workflow name, click the three dots and then click edit.

Then, you can set your Logic Criteria on the first page!

The best bit? You can now feature "OR" logic! Woo! This means you can have multiple category selections per workflow!

Tip: It's best to position your workflows containing the most Workflow Logic at the top of the workflow list. If you are building a new workflow or are no longer using that workflow, always make the workflow "Inactive" to help ensure your participants' launch into the correct workflow. You can do this by clicking the three dots on the workflow name, and then click Make Inactive.

To understand how to assign your Categories to your workflows see 'How do I create a new workflow'.

For more information, please start a chat with the team in the top right of Enboarder!

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