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How To Use The Contact Channel Widget with Slack, Teams, or Workplace Chat
How To Use The Contact Channel Widget with Slack, Teams, or Workplace Chat

Learn how your participants can preference text, email, slack, teams and more, when receiving their content!

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If you're integrated with Slack, Teams, or Workplace Chat, our Contact Widget lets you add any communication channel you want to their selection for that extra bit of personalization!

You will need to update your existing modules or build a new module if you don't already use the Contact Widget in your Forms!

Build Your Form

Step 1: Click the '+' to add the Form Module to the Sequence

Step 2: Within the Forms module, click on the Contact Channel Widget

Step 3: Click on Channel and enable your integrated channel (Slack, Teams, etc), and don't forget to save it! (If you don't see these channels here, ensure that you're integrated first by heading into Settings > Integrations)

Once that's done, you'll need to add your Send Data: Update Value in order to make this change happen!

Update Value Module

Step 1: Click '+' to add the Update Value Module

Step 2:There are two options to select here: 'Update This Field' and 'With This Value'.

In the Update This Field section, you'll want to select participant who needs their contact details updated (If you build the form for the employee to choose, it would need to be the employees' details you update).

There are three contact options within the drop-down for each participant: Mobile, Email, and Contact Details. Selecting Contact Details will update their Preferred contact, and will be the default for how they receive communications)

In the With This Value section, you'll want to pick the Form you just built, and then select the question in that form. The below example is Forms (The Module) > Text Or Email? (The Question) > Contact Selection (the Field Name).

Once you've saved this module - it's all done! The participant can pick their own contact preference including integrated channels, and Enboarder will update it for you!

Start a chat with us by clicking the ? button in the top right of any Enboarder page if you have any questions about this. ✨

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