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How To Give Participants The Choice Of Text or Email Communications
How To Give Participants The Choice Of Text or Email Communications

Find out how to build dynamic text or email options into your workflows!

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So you'd like to give your participants the option to update their preferred contact channel to receive their content? Let's take a look at some best practice guides for doing this!

As a side note, you can also include Slack, Teams, or Workplace Chat in this too! Learn how to do that here.

From a setup point of view, it's a two-step process. First, you'll need to give Enboarder the data and then tell it what to do with that data. (A Form and a Send Data: Update Value)

We will take a look at three scenarios where updating contact details may be useful:

1) When participants are launched initially;

2) On an employees' first day (update to work email);

3) Updating to integrated channels (Slack, Teams, etc).

Initial Launch Preferences

When a participant is initially launched for the first time (meaning their first time being launched in Enboarder, no prior workflows), you will essentially be telling the system how to communicate with them moving forward.

Some customers opt to ask their participants in their first sequence how they'd like to be communicated with. It's also built into our best practice onboarding. 😎

How to create a Form that will give employees the option to choose their preferred contact method

Step 1: Click the ‘+’ button and add the Form module to the Sequence you're working on.

Step 2: Within the Forms module, click the ‘+’ button and click Contact. Once this is done, go ahead and edit the question!

Step 3: Make sure to add the field name, and even consider inserting the current contact detail with the <T> Insert Answer button.

You can type in the field name on the left-hand side where it says ‘Text field name

And if you’d like, you can also add the current contact details of the employee via the Dynamic tokens!

How do I update the preferred communication method for the participant?

Once you've created and saved your Form, it's time to add the Update Value module to take place after your participant submits their form. Remember, the Form is only the first part of the process. The Update Value module will tell the system what to do with that data!

To set your Update value module, follow the followings steps below:

Step 1: Click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Update’ to add this to the Sequence where you'd like to update the contact details (remember, it needs to be placed after the form you built above).

Step 2: There are two options to select here: 'Update This Field' and 'With This Value'.

In the Update This Field section, you'll want to select which detail needs updating. In this example, it's the Direct Managers Contact Detail. (Note: There are three options for contact information: Mobile, Email, and Contact Details. Selecting Contact Details will update their Preferred contact, and will be the default for how they receive communications)

In the With This Value section, you'll want to pick the Form you just built, and then select the question in that form. The below example is Forms (The Module) > Text Or Email? (The Question) > Manager Contact Selection (the Field Name).

Once you've saved this module - it's all done! The participant can pick their own contact preference and Enboarder will update it for you. Now let's take a look at updating to work email, on or around the candidate's first day.

Got questions 🤔 Reach out to the support team by clicking on the ? button at any top right page of Enboarder.

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