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The reporting functionality in Enboarder can be a really powerful tool. Learn about it here!

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The Reports tab is one of the best places to gather real-world data from your managers and new hires. This page will show you everything you need to know at a glance! 

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Workflow Report

The Workflow Report is the default tab that opens when you click Reports on the top menu of Enboarder. This is where you can find the people that are going through or have already been through a workflow. Here, you can search for specific employees or managers using the global "Search" bar on the top left of the chart.

Tip! There is a drop-down called 'Workflow Status' which will default to 'In progress' and 'Pending' workflows when you first click on this page. If you're searching for employees that have finished their workflow, click the drop-down (the far left column header "Status") and check the remaining boxes.

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Workflows Launched

Here you can find a simple table of all workflows launched over time. You can pull this information into a spreadsheet by clicking the download CSV icon on the right. You can even display a chart by clicking the Graph icon!

Note: Workflows launched refer to when the employees were launched in the workflow


The Heatmap is a visual representation of completion by workflow and sequence.

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But, Enboarder? What is completion and how is it calculated?

Well, it's actually pretty simple!

Completed sequences include sequences completed on time and completed after they were overdue, as well as sequences marked as completed by admins of Enboarder. We then work out the percentage of completed sequences against how many were sent! #QuickMaths 🤓

You can select a workflow from the dropdown in the top left (highlighted below), and view the breakdown. You can use our quick date filters to showcase a specific time period, and if you'd prefer advanced filtering, use the filters on the right-hand side.

You can view the overall completion average of the workflow on the right (highlighted below), and you can even zoom in and out of the timeline by using the toggle at the bottom of the page (highlighted below).

When you click on a sequence icon on the heatmap, you'll see a complete breakdown of the completion rate and drop-off rates - allowing you to see exactly what's happening in each sequence.


The Forms tab is really important. Here, you'll find any submitted forms from your workflows. You can click on each form and see a detailed breakdown of the results submitted by each employee.

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Profiles will allow you to search for anyone that has been through/is currently going through Enboarder. Clicking on their name will allow you to update their preferred contact details, or amend any incorrect spellings in their name, as well as to merge any duplicate profiles.

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Bulk-select and unselect columns:

Now, when wanting to change the view of which columns you see in reports, you can easily bulk ‘Select all’ and ‘Unselect all’. Our frequent users will know just how nice an enhancement this one is!

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the chat function on the top right-hand side of Enboarder!

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