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How Can I Report on Form Responses (And Download The Data?)
How Can I Report on Form Responses (And Download The Data?)

Track your form responses!

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Enboarder can help you to report and download your form responses, giving you the ability to keep your finger on the pulse and see what's happening within the business.

Don't forget you can even add form responses to your Dashboard to view data at a glance. Check out how to do that here!

Accessing Forms

By clicking the Reports tab on the top menu of Enboarder, and then Forms, you can view and report on all associated responses. Sort the columns by name, workflow, or even the last response.

Favorite Forms

Stay organized and access your favorite forms in a separate folder by clicking the star icon. Simply unstar to remove from your favorites:

When you click into a form, you will see all the submitted answers for that form. Filter the form by workflow, categories, custom fields, submitted by and submitted date:

Form Folders

For all our organizational kings and queens, we’ve made searching and finding responses even easier with the ability to organize your forms in customized folders (go on, make Marie Kondo proud!).

By clicking on the 'Add folder' icon, create folders to organize your form responses. Whether you’re pulling new hire feedback during onboarding or only want to browse regretted leavers’ feedback - now this is all possible!

Once your form folders are created, select the forms you wish to add by using the 'Move to folder' icon:

How to download form data?

To download the form data as a CSV file, click on the three dots on the top right corner

For a detailed description click on the form response. You can download the form response as a PDF.

If you have any questions, let us know in the chat located in the top right of any Enboarder screen.

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