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The heart of your Enboarder platform!

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The admin Dashboard is where you can track the activity of all current participants going through workflows, view high-level form responses, and manage your overdue alerts. 

When you log in each time to Enboarder, you'll automatically be greeted with the dashboard. You can also get here by clicking 'Dashboard' on the top menu at any time. 

We suggest monitoring this page a few times per week, if possible, in order to make sure your participants are completing sequences as they're being sent. Check the 'Alerts' section below to find out how! 

Our dashboard is completely customizable. To find out how to add, edit and remove dashboard tiles, click here

Workflow Tracker Tile

The Workflow tracker tile provides a detailed view of all in-progress workflows split into three levels; Pre-phase, Start-phase, and Post-phase (You can see all your workflows in your workflow report, including completed, canceled, and deleted). You can see easily which workflows have active participants as the phase is highlighted in purple. Try clicking on the number of participants going through these stages to dig deeper into each phase.

Click here to read about our Workflow tile in detail!

Completion Tile

The Completion Tile will provide you with an overview of the completion rate of your employees and stakeholders that you have specifically selected in one or multiple workflows.

But how do we calculate the completion rate you may ask?! Great question.

Here's some #QuickMaths

To find out about your Heatmap, providing a full breakdown per sequence, head over to our Heatmap article here!

Alerts Tile

Alerts are a quick way to see where there are overdue activities within your workflows. It provides the name of the new hire, a module that is overdue, the number of days, and when it was deemed overdue. Using this information, you will be able to ensure the manager or employee follows up the overdue activity and the workflow continues. We suggest resending with a comment to ensure your employees and managers are completing what you send to them! 

Click here to read about our Alert tiles in detail!

Form Tile

You can customize the Form data you wish to see in these tiles (and you can have more than one on the dashboard) so you're free to highlight specific form questions that you'd like to see. In this example, we have chosen our week 1 check-in question to display, but you can pick any question you'd like!

You can even shrink your tiles down to fit more on one page! #Customization

Note: We have a separate eNPS form tile that calculates your eNPS for you! Check it out below.

eNPS Tile

The eNPS tile allows you to quickly view your current eNPS scores including showcasing promoters, detractors, and those in between!

Subscription Tile

We provide you with a high-level view of your current subscription as a tile too! If you're on Enterprise, you'll see only how many days remain, and if you're on a set amount of workflows, you'll see both time remaining and workflows remaining! You can use this to stay on top of your subscription to ensure you don't go over.

Workflow and Seat reporting across multiple accounts. For those of you who have multiple accounts with Enboarder, we’ve made it much easier for you to see how many workflows or seats have been consumed in an individual account, and across all accounts

Dashboard Filters

In the top right corner of the dashboard, you can apply dashboard filters.

If you have them set up, you could filter by categories such as Location, Brand, Business Unit, etc. If you set a filter around Date Range (or anything else), your dashboard tiles will update to reflect this.

How to manage and share your Dashboards:

You can manage your dashboards within the Admin Dashboard Settings which can be accessed at the top left of your default dashboard:

Review and create boards within the My Boards section:

Easily share, duplicate, edit, and delete dashboards using the dashboard settings:

Dashboards can be shared with other Enboarder admins who have dashboard access by clicking on the share icon next to the dashboard name. Search or select the name of the admin you would like to share the dashboard with and click the Share icon:

The admin receiving the dashboard will be notified within the product that a dashboard has been shared with them:

By clicking Open shared Dashboard, the dashboard will be available in the Shared with Me Section:

NOTE: If you are sharing your Dashboard no filters/views will be shared.

Download your Dashboards:

Wanting to share your wonderful and great results in presentations or emails or anywhere you like with your wider team? When in the Admin Dashboard, you’ll see a download button at the top right of the page.

For more details on managing multiple dashboards, visit the Multiple Dashboards article or reach out to our Customer Support Team to enable this feature!

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