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Reports: Heatmap

Learn how to report on your workflow completion rates with ease!

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So you're looking for a way to report on Completion and Engagement rates for your Workflows? Look no further!

The Heatmap is a visual representation of Completion by Workflow and Sequence, and you can find it by clicking on Reports on the top menu, and then clicking Heatmap in the sub-menu.

You can select a Workflow from the dropdown in the top left (highlighted below), and view a full breakdown of each sequence, and its completion and drop-off rates by simply clicking on it.

You can view the overall completion rate of the workflow on the right (highlighted below), and view completion by stakeholder.

You can even use our quick date filters to showcase a specific time period, and if you'd prefer advanced filtering, use the filters on the top right-hand side (highlighted below).

But, Enboarder? What is Completion and how is it calculated?

Well, it's actually pretty simple!

# of Completed Sequences


# of "Sequences Sent" - # of Sequences "In Progress"

= Completed %

Completed sequences include sequences completed on time and completed after they were overdue and sequences marked as completed by admins of Enboarder.

We then work out the percentage of completed sequences against how many were sent! #QuickMaths 🤓

When you click on a sequence icon on the heatmap, you'll see a complete breakdown of the completion rate and drop-off rate - allowing you to see a detailed view of each module and its performance.

And the best news? This is now updated in real-time - meaning any Sequences that are currently in progress (meaning they have been sent, but haven't been completed or moved into overdue status) are included in this screen! Previously we only included sequences that had been sent 48 hours or more prior to you checking this screen.

You can see the average completion rates per stakeholder for your selected time period on the right-hand side info panel. For an even more detailed stakeholder breakdown, click on the 'Performace' dropdown!

Okay, but what does it all mean!? Well, it's nice and simple! Green is good, red is... well you get the picture. Here is a handy chart to help you gauge your heatmap!

Downloading the Advanced Heatmap

You are able to download a consolidated Heatmap Report to understand how your journeys are performing across one or many accounts you have in the same region. Once you click download, it may take a few minutes for your Excel file to be downloaded. Check the process out below:

Once you open the Excel file, the first tab presents you with a summary of all of the workflows that you selected to download. There are three distinct areas:

  • Stakeholder statistics: this shows you all stakeholders who are part of any of the workflows you selected to download

  • Workflow statistics: this shows you Open Rates and Completion Rates for each stakeholder and sequence

  • Top 10 Sequences that need improvement: This section provides you with insights into which sequences across all of the workflows you chose to download are performing the worst, and most likely need some attention

Following the summary tab, you will see a tab for each workflow that you have downloaded in your report, to take a deeper look into individual workflow performance.

This report will help you:

  • See how your Enboarder users are progressing and engaging across workflows

  • Compare employee and stakeholder completion rates of different workflows

  • Identify the sequences that struggle to drive action

So you can:

  • Understand your impact across an entire region

  • Optimize your journeys to drive engagement and completion

  • Identify education and communication opportunities to increase manager and stakeholder participation

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen!

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