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How do I get employees to complete their Connection Card?
How do I get employees to complete their Connection Card?

You've designed your Connection Cards, now it's time to bring these to life!

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There are two ways to have your employees complete their cards.

1. Completion through a workflow

To allow end users to create their cards, add in the People Connector module. Simply add this module, and select the Build Card action.

When a Connection Card is showing the card of the stakeholder that the sequence is being sent to, the card will also house the Profile Wizard. So, when the employee clicks Build my Card, they will be launched into the profile wizard to complete their Connection Card.

The Profile Wizard has four stages:

  1. Uploading a cover photo: This is the hero image, where employees are encourage to upload a photo of them doing something that they love. This appears on the front of the Connection Card.

  2. Uploading a profile photo: This is a more traditional headshot, and will appear at the top left corner on the back of the Connection Card

  3. Completing profile field questions: This is where the profile fields that you have created will be prompted to be completed

  4. Reviewing the Connection Card: The final step allows employees to review their Connection Card, and either go back and make edits, or click Finish and complete their card.

If the employee has previously completed their Connection Card, tapping on their card will take them through the Profile Wizard again. This will not delete their previous submissions for their Connection Card, but they can update any field that the employee has permission to edit on the Connection Card.

2. Completion through MyDashboard

When an employee accesses their MyDashboard profile, they can upload a Profile photo, Cover photo and complete all fields on their Connection Card.

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