How to use Page Logic

Find out what it is, and how it works in your Content Module!

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Alright, let's continue talking about the most popular Module in Enboarder - but this time, let's put a Logical spin on it. 😉

Introducing Page Logic within the Content Module.

The Content Module is easily the most used Module in Enboarder because it's the perfect combination of experience and content! 🤩

And now, you can add Page Logic right into your Content Module!

How does it work?

We've taken the complexity out of the build to make adding Logic that much more logical.

As you're building out your Content Modules, you may decide that you need to have multiple pages for participants that are dependent on a set of criteria.

For example, you might decide to break down the Day 1 Details Module in your Onboarding Journey to be office/location dependent. Let's use this example in our build instructions below!

How do I use it?

Step one: Start by either adding a new Content Module, or you can even use any existing Content Module. Below, we'll be using the Hybrid Onboarding Day 1 Details (which you can get from Discover now!).

Step two: When you open up any Content Module, you'll see our world-famous Logic icon in the top right (highlighted in Purple to make finding it super easy).

Step three: Clicking on this icon will open up the Page Logic panel allowing you to set up multiple pages off the back of the default page (which is always the initial page you built).

Step four: Clicking on + Add Page will give you two options. You can set up sub-pages from scratch (+Add blank page) or the easier and potentially faster option, you can duplicate your default page (+Copy from default) and make changes that way!

Step five: Let's click on + Copy from default, where you'll then be asked to set up the Logic which would cause this new page to display. Ensure you change the name from Default (Copy) to something more relevant to your new page, like "Day 1 Details (London)"

Then, you'll set up the Logic to display this new page. In this case, if the participants' Location = London, they will see this new page you're creating now!

(NOTE: You can set up the Categories like Location, Brand, etc in Settings, and you should do this BEFORE you begin this process of they may not be here to pick from.)

Step six: Edit your new page, and make it relevant to your Logic. In this case, we're making it relevant to our London office.

Once you're satisfied with that, you can start adding more branches in your Logic Panel by clicking + Add Page and following this process again!

Eventually, you'll have something that looks like this:

Don't forget to click Save when you're done!


  • You can see which sub-page you're in/editing in two places. You can see your location via the highlighted page on the right as in the image above, and also in the top right of the page like below.

  • You can Preview all your pages as normal, and jump between all your sub-pages quickly by clicking the titles in the top right of the preview pages.

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page by using the Chat function, and as always, provide them as much detail as you can so they can help quickly.

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