How To Use Enboarder Discover

Discover our curated library to help you create incredible Journeys!

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What Is It?

Discover is a library of specially curated Journeys & Modules to help you reimagine your people programs.

Whether it’s Onboarding, Learning and Development, Change Management, or Employee Transitions - there's a template for that!

Get inspiration or use our ready-built Journeys or Modules, which are based on our science-based Human Connection philosophy, and best practices we’ve seen with literally hundreds of customers!

How To Get There

From the Workflows Tab, click the Book icon in the action menu on the left or within the Journey Builder.

You'll then be greeted with the stunning (if we do say so ourselves) Enboarder Discover home page!

Browse between over a dozen bespoke and scientifically designed Journeys or best practice Modules at launch, your people programs will be the shining spotlight of your business for years to come.


Clicking on any of the Journeys from the above screen will open up a unique timeline screen like the one below. Included in this screen, is a detailed side panel containing exactly what you can expect to get from that specific Journey, and of course, each element (or Sequence as we call them) used in the build of that template!

Hovering your mouse over the Modules in the Journey will open previews of the pages - allowing you to get a feel for the content before you import it!

The only type of content you can't preview is our Action-Modules, which are essentially specific types of content that cause an action to happen in the backend of Enboarder (like updating an employee's contact detail to their work email etc.).


Select from a catalog of best practice modules to level up any journey. We have a range of Content, Event, Communication, Form and Webhook Modules to help provide you with inspiration.

Want to send Calendar invites to Outlook and Google Calendar or push messages to Slack channels and Microsoft Teams, without the need for Middleware? The Webhook Modules will help you to do just that. We have created help guides for the Webhook Modules that leverage the new Custom Integration Tile, You can learn more about this feature below.

How To Import A New Journey or Module

Once you've settled on the Journey you'd like to add to your account, our all-new Import Wizard will help you master the mystic art of Journey magic. 🧙‍♀️

You'll see a button in the top right of any Journey - Add to My Assets. This magical button will allow you to import the template - where it will then become an "Asset" (or, essentially YOUR Asset 😉 )

Clicking on this button will open the Import Wizard, where Enboarder will scan your account in order to see if you have existing Modules in there matching the incoming content.

Each upcoming step will ensure that the Custom Fields, Duplicate Names, and any Stakeholders or Integrations are appropriately updated where needed.

IMPORTANT: if you do see a screen indicating that your account already has Modules matching the names of specific content, it's a good idea to go back and check if this Journey has already been added to your account, as adding it again will create duplicates of EVERY Module.

Finally, you'll see the Success! screen where you can check everything that's been added to your account.

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder screen!

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