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Dashboard: Workflow Tracker

Track and manage your workflows in-progress!

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So you've got questions about the Workflow Tracker Tile on your Dashboard. You've come to the right place!

The Workflow Tile can be found on the main Dashboard screen by clicking Dashboard on the top menu. (Tip: If you can't see the Workflow Tile, click here to learn how to add it!)

Once the Tile is added to your Dashboard, you can click into any of the active workflows (the populated numbers in purple like in the screenshot above) where you'll instantly be taken to a page displaying all current participants of that workflow as below.

From this page, you'll have a high-level overview of each employee's progress, health, sequence status, start date, and more.

Page Highlights

  • Search an employee by name in the search bar at the top

  • Toggle between the phases

  • Hide and show the columns that are important to you

  • Resend and forward overdue sequences

  • Resize, remove and filter columns and save them as a view for optimized reporting!

Key to the Colors

You'll notice in each of the Sequence columns, colored circles representing the status of each of those Sequences. But what does it all mean? Check out the key below. Need more details? Simply click on the status dot to be taken to your Timeline/Activity Logs for more info!


Filter the results even further by your categories and custom fields. To do this, select the filter icon at the top right of the page, where you'll then be able to select multiple options to filter until your heart's content!

You'll know that you have a filter active when you see a light blue notification icon sitting on the Filter icon like this.


For that ultra-custom page view, you can add, hide, re-arrange and freeze columns by simply hovering your mouse over the name of that column!

Once you've customized your page, you can save it as a View for quick access next time!


Save a combination of columns and filters by setting up a custom View. Track compliance sequences or IT request sequence completion for a particular region in one click.


You can also download the data from this page as a CSV by clicking the Download icon toward the top right like this.

Clicking on a participant's name

So you want to know what happens when you click on a participants' name?

It takes you to a personalized Timeline/Activity Log view for that specific journey!

Click here to read all about it.

Got questions? Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page!

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