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Integrating Enboarder With SnapHire

Find out how to connect your SnapHire account with Enboarder to automatically launch new hires into their onboarding experience.

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If you're looking for a way to seamlessly launch your new hires into their onboarding journey, you've come to the right place. Using your SnapHire hire account, you can trigger these journeys easily! 

There are just a few short steps and setup tips in order to create this integration. Before you begin, please read this article in its entirety to ensure you have all the details you need.

Before you begin: Like anything worth doing, integrations take time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this integration to be completed, this includes time for scoping, development and testing. You’ll also need to have a system expert and/or system administrator to assist in the completion of this integration.

How does it work?

SnapHire is an ATS and therefore is a one-way integration to Enboarder. This means that while you can launch Workflows directly from SnapHire, you can't cancel or update details of active Workflows once they're launched. This is a manual process for you or your Enboarder admins.

Have no fear, updating or canceling Workflows is easy!

Before you begin

Before commencing the integration setup, email to advise them you'd like to integrate SnapHire with Enboarder. The Aotal team will assign a Client Success Consultant to help set up the integration. The Aotal team will liaise with your Customer Success Manager at Enboarder to coordinate the integration using a matrix to match the fields on both sides, so feel free to CC your Customer Success Manager in this email.

This integration relies on the 'Onboarding Event' in Snaphire to push the new hire's data to Enboarder. In other words, whenever a new hire is set to 'Onboarding' status in Snaphire, Snaphire will push the data to Enboarder and launch the corresponding workflow automatically. 

Integration Setup

Step One: Click Settings > Apps and Integrations > Snaphire, and then Click 'Add Integration' like this:

Step Two: Enter the SnapHire tenant shortcode in Enboarder as below and then click 'Integrate Now'. 

Where to find this: The tenant shortcode can be found in your 'SnapHire Talent App Store' URL! It's right at the end of your SnapHire URL like this:, but you can also ask the SnapHire team.

Here, you can also decide to "Enforce Candidate ID as Unique ID. Making changes in SnapHire for the candidate can result in the candidate launching multiple times in Enboarder. In order to prevent a candidate from experiencing multiple launches, simply click the "Enforce Candidate ID as Unique ID" checkbox in the system.

Step Three: Head over to the Aotal Talent App Store and from there locate the Enboarder icon (you may have to search for it)  and click it to begin the 'Installation'. It's essentially just going to enable Enboarder to communicate with Snaphire. 

Once you've clicked the Enboarder icon, you can then click 'Ok' to install it!

Step Four: Head back to the Enboarder Integration tab, you will now see that Snaphire is integrated (you may have to refresh the page) by place of the green tick in the top right of the integration tile!

Step Five: Mapping of fields

Custom fields in SnapHire will be mapped to Category fields and Custom Fields in Enboarder. It is important that all the names match (for example, in SnapHire you may have a field named Department, so in Enboarder it will need to also say Department as below). Values (such as fields in a dropdown, or pick-list) should also match the value defined in Enboarder. This will be critical to ensure new hires are placed into the correct workflow. (Find out about Workflow Criteria here!)

Snaphire can provide an Excel Matrix to make things easier - see below the image for Matrix examples.

After you email Aotal (see Step One above), SnapHire will provide an Excel Matrix to you. The matrix will assist in ensuring that all your existing fields in Enboarder or in Snaphire can be correctly mapped and brought across with each new hire. 

We recommend setting up an extra field in both Enboarder and Snaphire: 

Enboarder Workflow = (list your workflow names)

This will ensure your new hire goes into the correct workflow.

Here is an example of that in Enboarder: 

If you have multiple brands, you will need to add them to the Matrix too. 

Once you have added them to Enboarder, make sure you enable each category on the workflow itself. Ask your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Here is an example of the matrix. The red text is required on both sides. 

Remember, Onboarding will be a list of your workflow names so you can recognize them in Snaphire.

Please note: There are three fields that are required in order for any workflow to launch: Employee Name, Employee Contact, Start Date. You'll also more often than not require Manager Name and Manager Contact. Speak to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Additional Information and points to note:

  • This integration will only work with those accounts that have the 'Onboarding' status in Snaphire enabled as it relies on the new hire being moved to that status.

  • New Hire Information will be pulled from the candidate record in Snaphire.

  • For New Hires, Enboarder will always prioritize mobile numbers even if we receive both Mobile and Email. 

  • For New Hires, if Enboarder also receives their Email, it will be stored on their profile. 

  • When you're launching a New Hire from Snaphire - it is very important to ensure their mobile number has a country code included (+64, +61 etc) as it is a requirement of Enboarder.

  • Snaphire has two manager roles, 'Manager' and 'Recruiter'. These will be mapped to managers with the same label in Enboarder. It's easier to rename these labels to ‘Manager' (in place of Direct Manager) and ‘Recruiter' in Enboarder if you'll be communicating with the recruiter again. Find out how to do that here

Prevent duplicate launches from SnapHire

Making changes in SnapHire for the candidate can result in the candidate launching multiple times in Enboarder. In order to prevent a candidate from experiencing multiple launches, simply click the "Enforce Candidate ID as Unique ID" checkbox in the system. If you have already integrated, simply update the integration and ensure this box is checked!

NOTE: Enforcing Candidate ID as a Unique ID to prevent multiple launches will only work if the Candidate ID is coming from Snaphire. Please ensure you speak with your Snaphire Rep to ensure the Candidate ID is enabled in Snaphire's Phase view.

If you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager! 

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