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How do I set up SFTP in Enboarder to launch participants automatically?
How do I set up SFTP in Enboarder to launch participants automatically?

So you've set up the CSV Upload, but now want to automate it? Click here!

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If you get stuck or have any questions about this - reach out to your Customer Success Manager - especially during the first setup! They're happy to help.

Before you begin: Like anything worth doing, integrations take time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this integration to be completed, this includes time for scoping, development and testing. You’ll also need to have a system expert and/or system administrator to assist in the completion of this integration.

Automatic Upload

Before you begin, you will have to manually upload the CSV you wish to use in order to save the mapping to be used below. Click here for information on uploading your first CSV.

Automatic uploads don’t require a manual upload of a CSV export. You can have peace of mind with both systems working for you! ✔

You will just need to upload (automate the extract) the CSV file on a regular basis on an SFTP server location. You can use your own SFTP server or Enboarder’s SFTP server.

Keep in mind the following details:

  • To use your own server: you will need to allow Enboarder to access your SFTP server. To do this, you will need to allowlist our IP address.

  • To use Enboarder’s SFTP server: you must provide the team with your IP address so that we can allowlist this on our end.

Enboarder’s Production IP addresses:








How to Set up the SFTP server

1. click Settings (Top right) and then click on "CSV Upload".

Note: If you don't see "CSV Upload" in Settings, first make sure your Admin status includes CSV Upload, otherwise, get in touch with the Enboarder support team. 😊

2. Click on "Auto Upload"

3. Then fill in the details, including:

  • Which mapping to use - see HERE for details on mapping using the CSV upload

  • Frequency

  • Time to load

  • SFTP server details:

    • Input - the directory from where the CSV file will be picked

    • Output - the directory where processed CSV file will be put

    • Error - directory where if any error occurs then CSV file with error reason will be put

    • folders, and an email address, where details of uploads are sent

NOTE: If you are using an incremental csv file, you should pay close attention to the 'Max rows allowed in CSV' option. If your csv file contains more rows than you have set in your configuration, then the system will not process the file. This is designed to avoid accidental mass upload issues.

4. The tick boxes at the bottom of this page in order to allow customization of when to launch or not launch workflows in Enboarder.

Once all of these details are entered, click 'Test Connection' This will display a green tick if correct. ✔
If you wish to manually launch a file in the first instance, you can click on 'Manual Start' to bring the file into Enboarder straight away.

If you're all happy with this, then toggle the 'Status' at the top of this page to Active, and your automation dreams will become a reality!

Got questions? Click the ‘?’ at the top right corner of any Enboarder page to start a chat with the Enboarder support team. 😎

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