The Security tab is located in Settings. Here, you can find out all about your account, including how to delete workflow data. 

Here is what each setting secures!

Account Security

Super Admins can choose to set overall account security as low, medium, or high. By default, it's set to medium. This affects admins logging into Enboarder (not participants of Workflows).

Participant - Profile Security

This setting manages the participant "My Dashboard" menu, as well as if you set Sequence Security to "Password protected". The levels are outlined above.

Enable 2 Step for Admins

Checking this box will mean any Admins that do not log in through SSO will need to confirm their identity with a security code once every 30 days when logging in. This will send a 6 digit pin to their email that they can then enter to access Enboarder for an extra layer of security!

Allow URLs to be added in Communication Module

By default, when participants are using the Communication Module they are able to enter URLs to be sent to the receiving party, however by unchecking this box, they will no longer be able to add/send URLs through the Communication Module.

Require Consent Form
You can activate the 'Employee Consent' form that an employee will need to acknowledge. (Think GDPR consent for example) This consent module will be added to the start of all employee communications. Once acknowledged the employee will not see this form again. If an employee does not consent they won’t be able to access the content. Check out a full in-depth article here.

Delete all inactive workflow data
Clicking this checkbox will allow Enboarder to remove personal details like names, phone numbers, and emails, based on your selection of time after a workflow is complete. This will not delete form data but will remove the personal details of those forms. Please note: some regions have legal requirements for this time frame, we recommend checking with your countries' privacy requirements to ensure compliance.

SSO setup

Click here to read all about SSO and Enboarder.

If you can't see all the options, or for more information on this, chat with us by clicking the'?' in the top right of any Enboarder screen.

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