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Integrate your Huggg gifting process into an Enboarder workflow

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If you're an existing Huggg customer, or, are interested in introducing employee gifting in your Enboarder workflows - this article is for you!

Who is Huggg?

Huggg exists to make thoughtful gifting simple and fun - even at scale. Huggg is best used in the UK market.

Request Method: POST

Sample Request

"purchase": {
"title": "Highball order",
"type": "huggg",
"message": "Load test order 2!",
"themeId": "default",
"quantity": 1,
"deliveryMethod": "links",
"limit": 1,
"reference": "123456"
"payment": {
"method": "walletCommitment",
"reference": "123456"


  • On success, the below will be returned:

{ "wfUpdateResult": { "msg": "Workflow updated successfully for externalid [ENB-01HPM2TPHW2APZ5N86NJRX4NNP]", "statusCode": 200 } }

Attribute Names & Descriptions:


This is the message that should display on the Huggg link. For example, "Here's a gift from us!"


This is the product ID you want to purchase. You'll need to change this and can find the product ID from the URL when browsing the platform (see image below)


This is your wallet ID - reach out to the Huggg support team to have them provide you with this

*You can remove “purchase.title" from the webhook payload.

Here is where you can find the product ID:

Creating your Enboarder webhook

Add a webhook, adding in the URL shown above.

Header key: X-Huggg-API-Key

Header value: Reach out to the Huggg support team who will provide this to you

Configure the payload as required. Here's an example below:

Once configured, click Test Connection and load information

Click into the embedded > hugggs dropdown, then scroll down to launch_url. Tick this, and map this to a custom field you have created earlier. We recommend calling this custom field something like Huggg URL.

Save your webhook.

Head to the workflow where you wish to add the Huggg gifting step. Add your webhook into a Dummy sequence and turn off the Show URL sequence link in the notification (ie, have this going to a stakeholder such as demo@demo.com). This means that the sequence will trigger, and the webhook will fire, without someone having to physically click the notification link.

Create a sequence for your Employee, and link this after the Dummy sequence that you created:

In the Employee notification, untick the Show URL sequence link option, and then add in your own text. Here's where you insert the Huggg URL token!

It's that simple! Continue managing your Huggg subscription like normal, and speak to the Huggg support team if you have any questions!

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