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Transferring workflows from Parent to Child Accounts
Transferring workflows from Parent to Child Accounts

Easily transfer your workflows from your Parent account to any Child accounts

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If you have multiple Enboarder accounts, you may find the need to transfer workflows from one account to another. The good thing is that we've made this simple for you!

When in the Workflows tab, navigate to the Transfer assets to a different account tab:

Select which account you would like to transfer your workflow to. NOTE: the system currently only allows for workflows to be transferred from Parent to Child, not Child to Parent. Then you simply need to select which Workflow you would like to transfer. Finally, click on Transfer asset:

The system will then review the workflow and account to review if there are any duplicate modules or missing fonts. A pop up screen will advise you of any actions you will need to take once the workflow has been added into the new account:

That's it! This transferred workflow is not in any way now connected to the Parent account workflow, so any changes made in the Parent account of Child account will not impact one another.

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