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This article contains the solution to quarantined emails in MS365

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Solution for IT team

The MS365 tech team confirmed that the quarantine response to the emails are false positives. Unfortunately, the MS365 team cannot fix this globally, so each impacted sender must implement the troubleshooting steps they provided. Your company's IT team can help with this.

The solution is to release the quarantined messages, allowlist the IP address and add the sender's email address to the allowed list.

Table of contents:

How to release quarantined messages in Microsoft 365 Defender's quarantine interface

  1. Select any affected messages that were Quarantined under Microsoft 365 Defender > Email and collaboration > Review > Quarantine (Note: Only take these steps for emails quarantined that are known trusted sources)

  2. Click Release email

3. Check the box that says Submit the message to Microsoft to improve detection (false positive)

4. Click Send

Important notes:

  • If a recipient is using a personal Outlook email, please share the solution below in the “How to allow the sender’s email address for personal/private Outlook users” section below.

How to allow the sender's email address for personal/private Outlook users

Outlook desktop app

  1. In the Home tab, switch Ribbon to show more options and click on the Junk

  2. Select Junk E-mail Options

3. Navigate to the Safe-senders tab

4. Click the Add button

5. Enter the email address into the field and hit OK

6. Close the Junk E-mail options by hitting OK

Outlook web app

  1. Click the settings (cog) icon in the top right corner

  2. Scroll down and click the View All Outlook Settings

  3. In the Mail tab, navigate to the Junk Email section

  4. Click Add in the Safe senders and domains category

  5. Enter the email address into the input field and hit Enter

Allowlist the IP address

IP address:

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