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You go, Google! Check out how to log in with Google here!

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No more pesky password problems!

We want to make your participants' login experience as smooth as possible which is why we're happy to introduce Social Logins.

Social Logins are the easiest way for your people to move through their Enboarder experience because they don't need to remember yet another password!

(Side note, as always - Enboarder does not require your participants to log in to see their content - this is a way to access My Dashboard)

Will it affect Journeys in progress?

First things first - using Social Logins will absolutely not update any of your participants' contact preferences. This is designed purely to make their login process smooth and easy! They will continue to receive Enboarder communications the same way they were before. #Phew!

Okay great - so how does it work?

Social Logins work by first verifying the participant's identity within Enboarder using a one-time pin that's sent to their email (or phone number if we don't have their email).

Once we've verified their identity, we give them the option of creating a password or using a Social Login.

If they pick Social Login, we then go through the process of confirming which Google Email they would like to use, they may be asked to confirm it's really them through Google, but once it's all connected - they only need to click the Google Login and never remember another password for Enboarder again!

Can I turn it off If I'd prefer?

Don't want to see Social Logins? No worries! Right now, only Support can disable this but it's no issue! Use the Chat and let us know if you'd like it turned off for your account and we'll take care of it. By default, Social Logins are on for all accounts, but really - it will empower your people to be more active in Enboarder! That's what we want, right? 😉

Anything else I need to know?

It's really that simple! So no not really. But if you'd like to check out which page they access this on, click HERE for My Dashboard.

As always, If you have questions please let us know!

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