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Setting up LiveHire & Enboarder Integration

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NOTE: This Integration was built by LiveHire. Please reach out to them for questions regarding this Integration including integration setup.

Want to Integrate LiveHire? Look no further! Setting this up will require technical knowledge so looping in your IT team and Customer Success Manager will be a great way to start. ✅

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Activating the integration

Step 1: Click on the settings button located at the top right side of Enboarder. From here you would click Apps & Integrations.

Then head over to Extensions

Step 2. Tick the Account Access through the API box

Note: If you haven’t generated an API key yet then you can click the Generate New Key button.

Step 3: Once you have the API key, pass this detail to your LiveHire Admin to set up the intergration.

Step 4: Confirm which application status you would like to trigger an Enboarder sync from.

Note: If you are using LiveHire’s Offer Management Module it is recommended that you choose a status of Offer Accepted, Onboarding, or Hired. If you are using Enboarder’ for Offer Management we would recommend you use Offer Pending.

Any questions on setting up the integration please don’t hesitate to contact:

How does the integration work?

If you are using LiveHire’s Offer Management:

  1. Select Offer Pending application status

  2. Fill out the offer card and send a digital offer

  3. Once the offer is accepted, change status to the status you wish to trigger the Enboarder integration from - eg. Onboarding.

  4. Candidate & Hiring Manager data, along with the offer card data will be transferred automatically to Enboarder which will initiate the automated onboarding workflow.

If you are using Enboarder for managing offers:

  1. Select Offer Pending application status

  2. Fill out the offer card details and hit save

  3. Candidate & Hiring Manager data, along with the offer card data will be transferred automatically to Enboarder which will initiate the automated onboarding workflow.

See the below images to get a visualization of the steps.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Enboarder's API does not contain provisions for retrieving a list of all available workflows via the integration. Instead, within Enboarder, the client can configure criteria for each of their workflows. These criteria can use a number of variables, including the custom field values passed through, to automatically route a candidate into a particular workflow. As such, if a client does want to directly select a Workflow, rather than relying on routing rules based on other factors, we can support this by creating a new picklist on the Offer Card, and populating the picklist with values matching the Workflow names. This would then need to be configured in Enboarder as the rule for routing the candidate into the workflow.

Check out this GIF below for a virtual walkthrough.


  • Can I enable the integration between Enboarder and LiveHire before I have set up workflows in Enboarder?

No. You will need to set up your workflows within Enboarder first. Once these have been set up you can set up the API key and send it across to the LiveHire team to activate your integration with Enboarder.

  • Can I choose different application statuses per job to trigger the integration?

No, there is one main application status trigger where the integration between LiveHire is configured as a common status trigger. Eg. you can choose to trigger the integration at “onboarding” or at “hired” or “offer pending” (it is up to you), however, this will now be applicable against every job vacancy in LiveHire when you move a candidate to your chosen application status trigger. An offer card is required to be created in LiveHire to send the appropriate information across to Enboarder.

  • How quickly will a candidate show up in Enboarder post actions in LiveHire?

Once the Offer Card has been created, this creates a sync record, which will be picked up and sent to Enboarder the next time records are synced. This occurs approximately every 15 minutes.

  • Can I select information from the LiveHire that I don’t want to get sent to Enboarder?

At present, you cannot, as all information is sent. Given that, however, this doesn’t impact any of the workflows if the fields (criteria) haven’t been created in Enboarder. The data that isn’t matched is just ignored by Enboarder.

  • How will I know if a candidate has started their onboarding journey

You will need to log in to Enboarder to confirm what stage the candidate is at. At present we haven’t built the ability for Enboarder to pass information back into LiveHire. We can custom-develop this for clients if required.

  • What do I need to do in LiveHire after a candidate has completed their onboarding?

If you have offer management included you can send a candidate an offer letter through LiveHire. The candidate will have to accept the offer letter for the candidate status to then change from “Offer pending” to “Offer Accepted”. The candidate will also soon after (15 minutes later) be sent out messages from Enboarder inviting them to go through the onboarding journey if this is the status you have selected to trigger the integration.

  • What if the candidate already exists in Enboarder and I don’t want them to be invited to complete onboarding again?

You will need to log in to Enboarder and cancel that onboarding workflow being sent to the candidate. Please contact Enboarder to understand how you can do this.

  • Can I send Internal candidates into Enboarder?

Yes, you can. Any candidate that’s moved into your chosen status trigger in LiveHire will get sent to Enboarder. If you do not want internals to be sent onboarding messages, you need to make the change in Enboarder. Please speak to Enboarder for advice on how to do this.

Got questions? click the '?' button at the top right of any Enboarder page to speak to the team! ✨

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