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You might be familiar with the game-changing Support Model that we live by here at Enboarder. ✨

But did you know there are different channels best placed to manage your support queries? We've outlined them below. 😎

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Chat Support

Our Chat Support is operated during local office hours in Austin (US), London (EMEA), and Sydney (APAC). Local Public holidays are observed during these times but we will do our best to ensure your questions are answered within a reasonable time!

For more information on how to reach out to the support team, check out the article below! ⬇

What information do you need to provide when reaching out?

Great question! While we know every scenario is different, there are a few things you can provide every time you reach out.

Feel free to copy and paste this straight into the chat when you're stopping by!

  • Employee/Manager/Admin name(s):

  • Account name:

  • Journey name:

  • Sequence name:

  • Module name:

  • URL of page experiencing the issue (including SMS):

  • Time and date of issue:

  • How many participants/admins are experiencing this issue:

  • A detailed description of the issue:

  • Screenshots/Screen recording:

See the image below for your reference. ⬇️

It's important that as much of this is filled out to enable our team to help you faster and more efficiently. ✅

Got questions? Click the '?' button at the top right corner of any Enboarder page to speak to the support team. Alternatively, email us at

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