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Looking for your Account Extensions (API Keys, SMTP etc)? Look no further.

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Are you looking for all the details you'll ever need to create a custom webhook? Or do you need your API Keys for an existing integration? Or do you... well, you get the drift.

You can find everything you need to know here.

Getting there

To access this page, click Settings > Apps & Integrations > Extensions

From there, you can manage everything you need about your SMTP settings, email notifications, and API Keys or OAuth tokens for integrations.

Let's look at all the things you can do under Extensions:

Custom Email Server Extension

By default, all emails sent from Enboarder are sent via Enboarder’s SMTP email server with the sender address The benefit of using a company SMTP server is that the address that emails are sent from can be customized and employees will be able to reply to chosen email addresses with any direct comments or questions. Another benefit to using a company-specific server is having full security and privacy controls. This reason often makes it a preferred option for some organizations using Enboarder.

To integrate an alternative email server, SMTP settings will need to be configured to set up server properties to route these emails. Click here to learn how to set up SMTP

Error Email Notifications

Notifications can be set up to send alerts regarding any integration errors to a specified email address.

While activity is tracked in the Integration Logs, it may be helpful to receive an email alert in real-time at the point of failure to ensure errors do not go unnoticed for an extended period of time.

An example of an error email notification can be viewed below:

Account Extensions

All API requests require authentication either by API Key or OAuth2. These can be generated in the Account Extensions section of these settings.

There are two available checkboxes:

  • Account access through API

    Selecting this box enables access to Enboarder through API. In the Account API Token box, an API key can be generated to allow authentication to the system.

  • Account access through OAuth2

    Selecting this box allows OAuth2 credentials (Oauth2 token and Client Secret) to be generated, enabling authorization between services.

Using either of these options, it is possible to send and retrieve data to and from Enboarder by leveraging our available APIs to launch, update, and cancel workflows, as well as retrieve valuable workflow and form data.

Note: Generating new keys could potentially break any existing integrations already set up in Enboarder. Proceed with caution and consult with a member of IT or Enboarder Support before selecting “Generate new key” and/or “Generate new credentials”.

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