ServiceNow Integration

Do you want to automate the creation of tickets in ServiceNow by pushing data from Enboarder? You can do that using our Webhook module. ✨

Note: We have mostly based our Integration around the creation of incident tickets in ServiceNow using ServiceNow’s RestAPI.

Before you begin: Like anything worth doing, integrations take time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this integration to be completed, this includes time for scoping, development and testing. You’ll also need to have a system expert and/or system administrator to assist in the completion of this integration.

Send data Webhook Configuration

These are the steps to configure a Webhook in Enboarder using the Webhook module:

Step 1: Click the '+' button and scroll down then click 'Webhook'

Step 2: Name the Webhook module!

Step 3: Enter URL: fill in your ServiceNow rest API URL e.g.

replace instance in the above example with your ServiceNow URL. E.g. dev53506 or whatever your instance name is.

Note: If the ServiceNow instance is behind a firewall our public IP has to be whitelisted first.

Contact your Customer Success representative for the public IP Address.

Step 4: Select Method as Post (data to URL).

Step 5: Add two Headers with the respective key as

Header Key

Header Value




Authorization header with a string “Basic” appended with base64 encoded

username: password. I.e.

if ServiceNow user name is SN_USER and ServiceNow password is SN_PASSWD then base64 encode the string SN_USER:SN_PASSWD and then in Header value enter it with “Basic” prepended to it.



  • Free tools such as or http:// can be used to convert data to base64 format. 

  • Example: Header Value for SN_USER:SN_PASSWD

  • Basic U05fVVNFUjpTTl9QQVNTV0Q=

  • Role required: web_service_admin, rest_api_explorer, or admin

In the Body, use JSON structure as per issue type. You can use Dynamic tokens to fill in a dynamic value. E.g. for creating sample incident JSON will look like:

“Enboarder_key”: ”{{externalid}}”,
“Hire_Name” : “{{new_hire}}”,
"short_description":"Laptop provisioning for {{new_hire}}”, “assignment_group":"287ebd7da9fe198100f92cc8d1d2154e", “urgency":"2",
“comments":"It has to be a mac pro”

ServiceNow Rest API detailed Instructions can be found at:

Got questions? 🧐 Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page! ✔

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