In China, we recognise the importance that WeChat plays in the lives of your employees. With this in mind, we've made it possible to send notifications to your employees via WeChat.

NOTE: This integration is configured through our WeChat China partner, TUPU. In order to use this integration, you will need to use the services of TUPU.

High level data flow

Detailed steps

  1. If you are interested in connecting to WeChat, navigate to your Settings > Integration page. Click onto the WeChat tile, and click on 'Hey sales - I would like to know more! This will send a notification to your account team who will get in touch with you. Alternatively, feel free to raise this in your next conversation with your Relationship Manager or Customer Success Manager.

When looking at creating this connection, there are some factors to consider from your side:

  • Do you already have an HR business account with WeChat?

  • If yes, which vendor is managing this WeChat account? As TUPU are managing this integration configuration, will your current vendor allow TUPU to manage this integration?

  • If no, then you will need to agree to create a business account that will be managed by TUPU

We-Chat Account set up

NOTE: All of this setup (for either new or existing WeChat customers) will be handled by TUPU as a part of their integration fee.

Enboarder is using a pre-approved template with WeChat. An admin from your team will need to set these up in your WeChat instance.

The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Your WeChat administrator will need to work with TUPU to apply for this template. The approval process may take 1 - 2 weeks

  • You will need to specify your company's primary and secondary industry

Here is the template message which will need to be applied;

How TUPU will gather candidate data

Please see the below diagram which explains how TUPU will gather candidate details once the above configuration has been completed:

  • At some point TUPU will provide a web page, which requires candidates to input their name, mobile and email. This page will be opened from WeChat, thus we will be able to retrieve this user's OpenID. Once the user has submitted this information, we will be able to establish the association between the OpenID and mobile/email. When Enboarder sends the new hire's name/mobile/email, we will be able to determine the user's OpenID, and send out the template message accordingly.

  • TUPU will ask you to create a menu item in your WeChat Business account. You will then need to ask employees to complete this information

NOTE: This step is not required for candidates who applied directly from WeChat. These candidates can open this page and their information will be displayed on that page.

WeChat tile set up in Enboarder

  • TUPU will create and EID which they will send to your Customer Success Manager. This will then be passed onto your team

  • You will need to take this EID and configure it into the WeChat tile in Enboarder, be navigating to Settings > Integrations

  • The tile will show as integrated once this is completed:

Sending notifications via WeChat

When sending messages via WeChat, there is a limit of 200 characters. Please ensure to create messages within this limit only.

  • The message will be shown to the end-user in a single line along with additional keywords:

Enboarder We Chat Message flow

  • You will launch a new workflow manually or automatically from another system, and at a sequence level, you will set WeChat as the preferred channel

  • Enboarder will call TUPU's API to send the message. TUPU will try to find the user in their database by comparing the mobile number. If a record exists, TUPU will call the WeChat API to send the message, otherwise, an error response will be sent

  • TUPU will send the WeChat response back to Enboarder.

  • Enboarder will check if the response was successful, and if so, will send a message via WeChat. If not successful, it will send to either SMS or email.

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