Want to shortcut your way to the ideal employee journey? Take advantage of our tried-and-tested best practice samples in Templates! 🥳

We've made it easy to search, preview, and add the right content straight from our Templates Section to your new or existing Workflows!

Navigating to the Templates section is a breeze using the intuitive Navigation Menu on the left of the Workflow Builder below!

In Templates, you'll be able to navigate through different use cases across the entire employee life cycle! From Onboarding through to Parental Leave and beyond!

How to use Templates

With Templates, it's as easy as filter, preview, and add!

Let's take your onboarding Workflow as an example.

Step 1: Filter by Onboarding

Step 2: Locate the Template you want to use by clicking, and previewing the content

Step 3: Click and drag the Module from the right of the Templates panel, straight into your Workflow! Just like this:

It's that easy. 🎉

If you have questions about Templates, feel free to start a chat in the top right of any Enboarder screen!

Note: We will be adding more Templates over the coming months. Got a suggestion? Let us know!

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