Can I set up a Custom Email Domain?
Yass queen! You can have a totally custom email for sending your emails! Check it out here.
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Have you ever wanted to swap the "" to another, more unique email? (like

You can do this with the help of the Support team and your choice of email! To contact support, click on the '?' button at the top right corner of any Enboarder page.

The process

Before you begin: Like anything worth doing, Custom Email setup can take time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this setup to be completed, this includes time for scoping, adjusting, and testing. Youโ€™ll also need to have an IT team member and/or company email administrator assist in the completion of this.

Step 1: Provide the: domain, display name, and email address to the support team.

Lots of our customers opt for something like "" or similar because it will allow you to have multiple use cases running instead of "" which you probably wouldn't want to use in your offboarding workflow!

We recommend that you create a new email address because the recipients can theoretically reply to this email. It would be best practice so that they don't go to an existing inbox or an unsupervised inbox.

โžก Curious about how participants can reply to the emails? Click HERE to learn more.

Step 2: The team will then provide some details for your IT team (or whoever sets up new emails) to provision. Once this is done, let the support team know so that they can verify the domain on their end.
Note: After your IT team updates the records on their end it can take our external email providers up to 72 hours or more to verify the domain.

Got questions? get in touch with the support team by clicking the '?' at the top right corner of any Enboarder page and click chat. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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