This document outlines the main steps to Integrate Workable with Enboarder. Workable Integration utilizes Webhook feature and their API. The current Integration support hired event when candidate hired and moved to hire stage.

Enboarder Integration Set up

Here are the steps for Integration:

  • Login as admin user and go to Settings → Integration → App centre

  • Click on the tile Workable (or search if you can't see it) for which you want the integration setup.

  • Click on Add Integration button

  • On next screen, click on Integrate now button.

  • The system will redirect you to Workable site. Please enter your workable credentials

  • If there is no error, the system will mark the tile Workable as Integrated. It will also register the webhook URL for enboarder

Field Mapping in Enboarder

How to create Candidate Data in Workable

  • Login in workable

  • Go to jobs and click on Job for which you want to hire the candidate

  • On next page, click on Add candidate → Enter Detail Manually

  • Fill the candidate detail and click on Candidate detail

  • On next screen, move the candidate to offer stage

  • On offer screen, make the candidate offer and fill the detail and send to candidate.

  • Once candidate accepted the offer, move the candidate to hire stage.


You can now investigate mapping issue very easily. The API response is now available on UI. Please go to Setting ->Integration -> Audit logs for that account to view complete payload. There will multiple rows. One contains the complete response message and rest will provide candidate information regarding workflow.

Click on row with blank Employee to see complete payload.

That completes the Workable integration setup.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

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