Enboarder is designed to be the most comprehensive and functional platform for creating amazing employee experiences. Whether you are using the platform for experience-driven onboarding or any other transition, we are confident that you will find the functionality and openness of Enboarder world-class.

General Functionality


  • The day to day hub to track your workflows and engagement

  • Customize tiles to visualize the data that matters most to you and your business

  • Drill down on any workflow to see the status of all active participants in a workflow at a snapshot level using

  • Detailed visual overview of an employee’s journey through the workflow

  • Real-time alerts allow administrators to manage engagement and follow up completion

  • Overdue alerts can be dismissed, reminded, or forwarded to a 3rd party for completion

Workflow Manager

  • Build and design unlimited workflows based on any user criteria

  • Drag & drop editing of workflow timeline

  • Real-time previews of module or sequence

  • Unlimited number of stakeholders as part of a workflow


  • Create a range of different reports based on workflows, people, or activities

  • Visualize complex table data through charts and graphics

  • Workflow and form data can be exported through API


  • Create multiple brands

  • Unlimited custom categories

  • Unlimited custom fields

  • Unlimited profile related data

  • Branded or fully customized domain for SMS links and Emails in selected countries

Workflow Functionality

Content page 

Build rich content in minutes.

  • Rich formatting of text and backgrounds

  • Embed any variable from Enboarder dynamically

  • Display images and dynamic links to other stakeholders

  • Embed videos

  • Create buttons that link to existing content or forms

  • Include file attachments


Improve communication between stakeholders (e.g.: manager to the new employee).

  • Displays telephone numbers of recipient allowing one-touch calling

  • Allows SMS messages to be templates for one-touch SMS transmission

  • The sender’s SMS is spoofed where possible, delivering the SMS from the sender (not from the gateway) and

  • Phone and SMS components can be selectively de-activated

  • Allows communication channel of choice - SMS, Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.

  • Supports multi-manager or multi-stakeholders in workflow

Embed content 

Embed third-party content such as surveys, maps, or existing forms/content.

  • Allows 3rd party content to be seamlessly embedded into Enboarder

  • Content can be embedded inline or displayed full-screen in a pop-up

  • Embedded URLs can be dynamically generated using tokens. This allows data to be passed to embedded

Schedule events 

Create events that managers or new hires can add to any calendar application.

  • Allows for events to be created and to sync with any calendar application

  • Encourages participation in key events to occur throughout the onboarding journey

  • Gives the ability to schedule recurring events, to celebrate birthdays and other milestones


Create mobile-optimized forms for the collection and display of information.

  • Create forms with the drag-and-drop editor

  • Pre-populate text and forms with any Enboarder field

  • Display images

  • Short text fields

  • Long text fields

  • Special fields such as numbers, dates, and Email

  • Dropdown fields

  • Multiple choice and radio buttons

  • Allow users to update or create new contact channels

  • Rating fields

  • File uploads (virus scanned)

  • Add signatures to documents

  • Send data collected to stakeholders or system of record in real-time

  • Form content can be:

  • • sent to stakeholders via email
    • sent to third-party applications via webhooks
    • used by other modules throughout the application


Allows you to record task status and absolute acknowledgment of policies and procedures.

  • Display text with embedded content from any Enboarder data field

  • Embed images

  • Embed video

  • Create audible check-boxes

  • Create audible acknowledgment buttons

  • Create customizable confirmation messages

  • All acknowledgments are audited and reportable

  • Status of all acknowledgment modules can be used by other modules in Enboarder

Video on the go 

Get your managers or new hires to record personalized videos at the click of a button.

  • The user receives prompts on the content of the video

  • Able to record multiple attempts

  • Completed videos are instantly sent to another stakeholder

  • Makes the experience much more fun and engaging

Electronic signing 

Integrate with 3rd party E-signing sites for seamless digital document generation and digital signatures.

  • Integrated with Docusign, Hellosign, Adobe Echosign, Securesign

  • Display digital documents inline or send via email

  • Pre-populate digital documents with any Enboarder data field

  • Real-time status tracking of documents that are out for signature

  • Can be used with 3rd party sites like Webmerge for complex content generation (Word, HTML or PDF)

Send data

Provide stakeholders, 3rd party applications, and Enboarder with up-to-date data.

  • Send data to 3rd party applications via webhooks

  • Create emails containing any Enboarder data values and send to any stakeholder

  • Update any internal values in Enboarder with form values at any time

  • Include file attachments


Perform “If - then” operations within workflows to automatically trigger and adapt employee journeys.

  • Create powerful conditional logic based on any structured form variables (eg. multiple-choice or drop-down values)

  • Unlimited number of logical branches

  • Allows for multiple actions to be inserted on each logical branch


Images and file uploads

Enboarder allows image and file uploads up to 10Mb. All files are scanned for viruses and malicious code before saved to the database. To give users a fast online performance, images are all resized and compressed. Gif animations are the only image format that will not be resized or compressed once uploaded.


Enboarder supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia & Youku.

User types (Admin Roles)

Super Admin


General Admin 

All-access, except account creation, integration, admin, and security set-up.

Account Manager

Manages the account set-up.

User Manager

Manages admin/user set-up within the account.

Workflow Manager

Manages workflow set-up.

Experience Manager 

Manages workflow set-up, launching, and reporting of experiences.


Manages content for workflows.


Manages launching experiences.


Manages the reporting of experiences.

Other Functionality

Integration - inbound

  • Workflows can be launched manually

  • Enboarder API can create or modify workflows and account settings

  • CSV integration allows bulk workflows to be initiated through CSV file importing

  • Direct App-integrations can trigger workflows and send information between systems

Integration - outbound

  • Data can be sent using webhooks or Email

  • Data can be exported using CSV files

  • Workflow and form data can be exported through API


  • All data encrypted during transit

  • All data encrypted at rest

  • Manager and new hire use their email address or mobile number for authentication (no logins required)

  • Authentication through password and SSO can be enabled where needed

  • Low, medium, and high-security mode available to force strong authentication and stricter security

Frictionless interface

Enboarder is 100% frictionless.

  • No user names or logins required

  • No applications required on the phone

  • Users choose their connection method (SMS, Email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.)

  • No training required - highly intuitive user interface

  • Works on any mobile device (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows)

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