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Enboarder API Docs: Cancel a Workflow
Enboarder API Docs: Cancel a Workflow

This API Cancels an Enboarder workflow.

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Cancel Workflow

Base URL:

API Endpoint

Request Method: POST

This API Cancels Enboarder workflow. If Workflow is not available or is already Complete or Cancelled API return error response.

Sample Request:

"externalid": "ENB-494398793433",
"comments": "Employee has voluntarily terminated”,
“mode”: “ALL”


  • On Success, the below response will be returned:

Resposne Body:

{ "message": "Workflow updated successfully for externalid [ENT-68736879-0001]", }

Where the referenceid is the externalid passed in the request body or uniqueid generated by system launched from.

  • On Error, the below response will be returned:

Resposne Body:

{ "message": "Error: externalid [ENT-68736879-0005] not found" }

Message will contain error message.

Attribute Names & Descriptions:


Identifier that uniquely identifies an instance of running Workflow in Enboarder



any additional comments for cancellation of workflow



Determines workflow to cancel. Multiple workflows can be launched with same externalid but with different criteria, so while cancelling specific workflow can be cancelled by providing specific criteria and mode as SELECTED. Possible values are:

ALL (Default): All workflows for the externalid will be cancelled. All Workflows must be either in Pending, InProcess, Cancel or Deleted state.

SELECTED: Specific workflow with matching criteria will be cancelled.

CANCEL_ALL: All workflows for the external which are in PENDING or INPROGRESS state will be canceled, rest will be ignored.



List of all custom fields for the workflow. They are name , value pairs. name should match the name of custom field defined in Enboarder. Brand, location and optional categories can also be provided in custom fields with name as ‘brand’, ‘location’ and category name in Enboarder respectively.


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