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Enboarder + Lever Integration for Launching Workflows
Enboarder + Lever Integration for Launching Workflows

Connect your Lever instance with Enboarder to automatically send new hires into their onboarding experience!

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Lever-age automation to launch your hires into workflows!

Lever is one of the ATS integrations available under Settings > Integrations and is designed to allow you to automatically launch workflows when a candidate is hired. This uses Lever's own native webhook functionality to send candidate data directly to Enboarder.

Before you begin: Like anything worth doing, integrations take time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this integration to be completed, this includes time for scoping, development, and testing. You’ll also need to have a system expert and/or system administrator to assist in the completion of this integration.

How does it work?

Lever is an ATS and therefore is a one-way integration to Enboarder. This means that while you can launch Workflows directly from Lever, you can't cancel or update details of active Workflows once they're launched. This is a manual process for you or your Enboarder admins.

Have no fear, updating or canceling Workflow is easy!

Lever Integration Setup

Step 1: Flip on the Enboarder toggle and request to enable

As a 'Super Admin', log into Lever and navigate to the integration settings page where you will find the Enboarder integration switch. Once activated, you will see a button which says 'Send Request to Enable' on the right. This will notify a member of Lever support to generate your integration key, which will be sent to your email as a download link. Please download this integration key and save it for later steps!

Step 2: Generate Lever Webhook signing token

  • Login to Lever and then go to Settings → Integrations and API → Web-hooks Section

  • Enable the 'CANDIDATE HIRED' Webhook option if not already enabled

  • Click on Add webhook button

  • On clicking this button, the system will show you a new pane where webhook information needs to be filled.

  • Copy the Signature token from this pane and note it down. You need to copy this token in Enboarder.

  • Please keep this section open. You will need to come back once the Enboarder tile is configured.


Step 3: Set up your Lever integration within Enboarder:

This step requires both the integration key and webhook signing token to be copy/pasted into Enboarder. Login as an admin and go to: Settings > Apps & Integrations > App Center and click on the Lever tile to begin.

Click on 'Add Integration' and you will see two required fields for the API Key and the Signing Token from Lever. Note: You can choose to integrate a Lever sandbox account for testing before integrating your Lever production account.

Once you have entered the two required Lever integration fields, click Integrate Now. A customized 'Webhook URL' will appear and must be copied for the next step!

Step 4: Lever Webhook Configuration

Now we are ready to turn on the Lever webhook which will begin sending candidate info over to Enboarder. Note: If you have any custom fields in Enboarder, be sure to read the General Integration Notes below before completing this step.

A Lever admin will login and navigate to: Settings > Integration > Webhooks > Webhook Configuration. This contains a series of switches which will enable sending webhooks at various candidate stages. For onboarding, we are going to use the Candidate Hired stage shown below. Once enabled, you will need to paste the custom Enboarder Webhook URL from the previous step. Lastly, click 'Verify' to see if the setup was successful!

General Integration Notes

  • This integration will only work on implementations that have the Offer Letter process performed within Lever.

  • Candidate Information will be coming from the offer form in Lever. The first valid Mobile number will be used in Enboarder for communication. Likewise the first email address will be stored in Enboarder for each candidate.

  • The Offer Anticipated Start Date will be used as the “Start Date” in Enboarder.

  • Lever has 2 manager roles, Direct Manager and Hiring Manager. These can be used as managers in Enboarder (Direct Manager is the default). If the Manager Label matches these roles then those managers will be populated in Enboarder. The Manager Labels that will match are “Hiring Manager” and “Direct Manager”.

  • Manager contact info will be picked up from from Lever in the user record. This includes name and email of manager (but not mobile number).

  • Custom fields in Lever will be mapped to Category fields and Custom Fields in Enboarder. This will be based simply on label/value matching (case sensitivity is not important). For example, if you want to include a custom field from Lever called Department then you will need to create a Category in Enboarder called with Department with matching choices. This is a critical step for any required Categories or Custom Fields!

Mapping Extra Managers via Custom Fields

Lever natively supports two manager roles - Hiring Manager, Direct Manager. To map extra managers with mobile numbers or email addresses, you can use 'Lever Offer' custom fields. You should name these custom fields to match the Manager label in Enboarder. Let's say for example that we want to create custom fields to populate a Regional Manager in Enboarder. You would need to create a 'Regional Manager' field and a 'Regional Manager Email' or 'Regional Manager Mobile' field in the Offer section of Lever.

Stopping Workflows from being launched in Enboarder

Lever will webhooks for all candidates which are hired, but Enboarder will be on the lookout for a Candidate Tag which says 'Do Not Push to Enboarder'. If we see this tag, we'll ignore the webhook instead of launching a workflow.


You can now investigate mapping issues very easily. The API response will be available under Please go to Settings > Apps & Integrations > Integration Logs for that account to view the complete webhook payload. There may be multiple rows of entries for each new hire. One will contain the complete response message and the others will provide information from the webhooks.

Click on the row with the blank 'Employee' to see the complete payload received.

Prevent duplicate launches from Lever

Making changes in Lever for the candidate can result in the candidate launching multiple times in Enboarder. In order to prevent a candidate from experiencing multiple launches, simply click the "Enforce Candidate ID as Unique ID" checkbox in the system. If you have already integrated, simply update the integration and ensure this box is checked!

If a candidate is hired within the same opportunity in Lever, only then will we mark it as a duplicate. In the case of a rehire who comes through in another opportunity, our system will allow it

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