How Do I Clear Browser Cookies And Cache?

Help your system run a bit more smoothly.

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Your computer can remember things like history, copies of images, etc. and this can cause hiccups within systems on your computer.

So, if something isn't working like you or we'd expect it to, we'll usually start troubleshooting by asking you to clear your cache and cookies. And while we would love it to mean polishing off a few chocolate chip cookies, we actually mean something a teeny bit less fun. 🍪  Have no fear -- it's eassssssssy! 

If you'd like to clear all cache and cookies from your browser, follow the instructions outlined for your browser of choice below. 

Note: Clearing cache and cookies on your browser will sign you out of all websites, not just Enboarder.

Check out the links below to learn how to clear your cache and cookies for each browser:

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